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Can I convert a Hyundai Santa Fe CV back?

Hi, I have a 2007 commercial Hyundai Santa Fe. Do you know if it is possible to retrofit rear passenger seats to this make and model?

Thank you

Lisa Carroll (Kilkenny)

Apr 2013 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Any list of SUV-class commercials?

Where can I find a list of new SUV-class commercials currently being offered in the Irish market?

I G (Shannon)

Apr 2013 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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What to look for on Ford Focus van?

What should I check for when buying a 2007 1.6 Ford Focus van?

Pat O Brien

May 2013 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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How best to buy a car for my business?

I'm a self-employed Sole Trader and I am VAT registered. What is the most tax efficient manner to purchase a vehicle, primarily used for business, small element of personal use?

Richard Murray (Carrigaline,Co Cork,Ireland)

Dec 2016 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Which small van is most reliable?

I am trying to decide on a small van and would like to know, in your opinion, which is the most reliable from this list: Opel Combo, Citroen Berlingo, Volkswagen Caddy or Renault Kangoo. Bear in mind I would be looking at maybe 2004 to 2007, depending on cost.

Thank you

George O'Sullivan O'Sullivan (Cork)

Jan 2014 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Can I import a seven-seat commercial?


In terms of importing a Land Rover Discovery that has a commercial classification in the UK already, but has seven seats - what needs to be done in terms of conversion?

Mark Quinn (Dublin)

Feb 2017 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Expensive to convert a Transporter?

What are the cost issues with converting a Transporter SWB to a crew cab?

Ollie Stapleton (Kilkenny)

Nov 2016 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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What's the tax on a commercial SUV?


I'm thinking of buying a commercial SUV; what is the tax rate on it?

Garoid Byrne (Dublin)

Nov 2016 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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I'd like a classy five-seat commercial please...


I'm in the market for a new executive commercial vehicle - but it needs to have five seats. Loophole a go go... The obvious choice is the Land Rover Discovery, but I understand they are being phased out and so my leasing company won't offer it as an option. Things like an L200 / Ranger / Hilux / Navara are a little TOO commercial for my tastes...

The Pajero Executive is nice, but the equipment, engine and layout all seem older than I am. The Touareg is a nice bus, but seems expensive compared to the rest and I've heard so-so reports in terms of value for money. Any ideas what else I should look for? Do Volvo / BMW / Audi do a five-seater that classes as commercial?

Al The Commercial Vehicle Looking Guy (Dublin)

Sep 2016 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Hyundai Montana or Mercedes V-Class?

Hyundai Montana versus Mercedes-Benz V-Class? Which is the best one to run, fuel wise, resale value, tax and reliability? I know there's a big difference in price, but just wondering which is better to invest in long term.

Jenny Lynch (Navan)

Jun 2016 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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