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Any update on the Ford Ranger hybrid?

Is there any update on the Ford Ranger hybrid?

Martin Moroney (Dublin)

Jul 2024 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Looking to buy a van for private use...

I'm looking at buying a Ford Transit Connect LWB 1.5L (2018-2020 ish). I'm going to be using it privately, travelling Ireland with boards and camping stuff in the back. I'm unsure of how to go about taxing and insuring it privately. I'm getting quotes at the moment but it's looking more complicated than I had anticipated.

Few questions here:

1. Do I need to do anything to switch the van from commercial to private use? I've heard about possible VRT, but I can't seem to find any info online about that apart from imported vehicles.

2. Is taxing and insuring as straightforward as doing so with a regular car? I'm aware that AXA who I’m currently with for a car won't privately insure me in a van so I'm checking with

3. CVRT - I know it's more expensive than NCT and is yearly, but is this as simple to get done?

4. Are there any other problems that I might run into if I do buy a van to use privately? I'm pretty clueless on how any of this works.

Rebekah Steele (Bray)

Jun 2024 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Can I use the new motor tax system on a commercial?


I see that you answered a previous question asking about changing a commercial Kuga to a private vehicle. Your answer was yes but the tax would go by the old cc (engine size) taxation method. Is it possible to change from commercial tax to the newer CO2 system?

Brian Lalor (Laois)

Nov 2023 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Can I tax a crew cab vehicle for private use?


Could you please tell me if I can buy a crew cab vehicle and tax it legally if I don't own a registered business? Will the tax office tax it for me without a big rigmarole?

Thank you.


Aug 2023 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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How much tax do I pay to use this van privately?

I'm planning to buy a van that has been used and taxed as a commercial vehicle, but I will use it as private vehicle. Since it has paid tax for almost a full year do I just pay the difference in price or I'll have to pay the full amount?

Marko Tot (Killarney)

Mar 2023 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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What do I do with a commercial Discovery?

I'm getting a Land Rover Discovery 4 very soon and it's registered as a commercial vehicle. I don't have the usual things to prove I'm using it as a work vehicle. What can I do or if not how do I go about declaring it private?

Charlie O Donnell (Athy)

Feb 2022 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Can I tax a commercial as a private SUV?


I'm hoping you can help me with something. I recently found your crew cab and commercial article and found it very interesting. I'm currently in an odd position. I'm looking for a crew cab SUV that would be used for work and domestic but I am not a registered business. So the crew cab would need to be reverted back to the original (much higher) tax bracket. I've heard that a PPS number can be used as a tax number and that would be the main hurdle handled. I was wondering if you or your readers have any experience doing this?

The last thing I want is buying an SUV only to find out I can't tax it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



Aug 2021 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Can I add seats to an N1 Range Rover?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to convert a two-seat N1 (10-year-old Range Rover) to a five-seat N1?



Ken McGrath (Cork)

Jul 2021 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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How much to tax a commercial privately?


How much would it cost roughly to tax a commercial van like a Ford Transit ot Transit Connect LWB or something similar for private use?


Rhys Rutherford (Ballinasloe )

Mar 2021 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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How to make my commercial Kuga private?


I have a 191 Ford Kuga Utility four-seat commercial that I'm looking in the near future to use privately. Is this as simple as insuring and taxing it as a private vehicle or are there any other steps, i.e re-registering it as a private vehicle?

Thanks in advance for your help

Stuart Coonerny

Mar 2021 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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