Flat out in Peugeot's 308 Racing Cup

by Neil Briscoe on 06 Jul 2017

Complete Car Features | Flat out in Peugeot's 308 Racing Cup

"Why me?", sang Linda Martin, but I seriously doubt that the slim-hipped Linda has ever had to wedge her ample buttocks into a too-tight racing bucket seat like I have to today, pinching my right thigh in the manner of a medieval torture device every time I flex my right foot.

Sweating and panting like a badly packed Nomex ham, I finally manage to cram enough of my too-ample frame into the seat, and the five-point harness snaps shut with a breathe-in-now click.

The inside of the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup is, like most racing cars, basically a pile of…

Five best executive saloons in Ireland

by on 29 Jun 2017

Complete Car Features | Five best executive saloons in Ireland

The executive saloon segment has become fiercely competitive with many new models showcasing the very latest technology from infotainment to semi-autonomous driving. Add to that ever-increasing levels of luxury and refinement and buyers in this part of the market are finding themselves spoilt for choice. There's also an increasing number of low-emission hybrid versions to consider. To help find out just what you should be driving here is our list of the best executive saloons on sale in Ireland.

1 - BMW 5 Series

For a long time, the 5 Series has been the segment benchmark. Now…

Mini Meet arrives in Ireland

by Neil Briscoe on 27 Jun 2017

Complete Car Features | Mini Meet arrives in Ireland

"And you will be sleeping here..." A phrase I'm not unfamiliar with. Spend a few years travelling around test driving cars and you soon become used to strange rooms, new hotels and beds that are only yours for tonight. This one is a little different though. This one appears to be a roof box for extra luggage strapped to the top of a Mini. "Are you sure about this?" I'm tempted to ask. No queen-sized divans available?

Well, I guess it just wouldn't be a proper festival without staying in a tent, and it's kind of neat that, instead of…

Five of the best premium superminis in Ireland

by on 19 Jun 2017

Complete Car Features | Five of the best premium superminis in Ireland

Just because you want a small car doesn't mean you must forgo the more luxurious features of larger ones. These days there are many compact cars that are full of the high-end tech, plush materials and helpful driver aids. We've test driven loads of premium superminis and here are the five that we think are the best on the market right.

1 - Audi A1

The A1 offers contemporary Audi good looks in a compact package with the same premium feel, fit and finish as the German manufacturer's larger cars. Space is a bit tight in the back, but it…

Five of the best seven-seat MPVs in Ireland

by on 15 Jun 2017

Complete Car Features | Five of the best seven-seat MPVs in Ireland

While a large MPV or people carrier is useful at any time, it's pretty much a necessity once you have more than two children in the household. You'll find dozens of questions in the Ask us Anything section from parents wondering what cars they can fit three child safety seats into. It's possible to squeeze them into many regular cars, but you just can't beat the space and versatility of a good MPV with individual seats. Admittedly, there's nothing sexy about them, but hey, the kids will only be small for a while...

1 - SEAT Alhambra

Sliding doors. Need…

Focus: an Irish co-driver at work

by Maurice Malone on 29 May 2017

Complete Car Features | Focus: an Irish co-driver at work

The nerves have disappeared; now it's go time. Seven flat-out minutes on an Irish rally stage, as described by a co-driver.

I flick the button on my stopwatch a few milliseconds after the light turns green and we're moving. The engine gulps as much air as it can through its four individual throttle bodies as the sticky rear tyres find purchase on the dry tarmac, their task aided by the rubber laid down by preceding competitors. A squirm to the left accompanied by a flare of revs as the wheels start to spin necessitates the driver to feed in a…