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Brexit and the Irish motorist

by Neil Briscoe on 04 Sep 2019

Complete Car Features | Brexit and the Irish motorist

While we all wait to see if Boris Johnson can actually push through a no deal scenario when it comes to Brexit, there are a few things that you'll need to know to navigate motoring in a post-Brexit world.

Obviously, when or if a deal finally passes the House of Commons, and is ratified by the EU, then much of this advice will be moot, as most issues will be, theoretically, sorted out by the deal. If the UK crashes out, as seems horribly likely...

1. Will you need an insurance 'green card'?

One big worry for Irish motorists, especially…

Peugeot’s archive bursts with history

by Neil Briscoe on 03 Sep 2019

Complete Car Features | Peugeot’s archive bursts with history

You think of an archive, and you probably think of dust. You think of crusty old librarians blowing the dust of decades or centuries from some leather-backed tome, before settling down to read Goonhilly's 1823 Translation of Homer (no, the Greek one) or some such. If you're me, you maybe briefly also think of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, telling his university students that archaeology is mostly done in books, not in the field, and that X never, ever, marks the spot (before going on to disprove his own teachings within a Spielberg minute). Or you might have a brief…

Five of the best electric cars in Ireland

by on 03 Sep 2019

Complete Car Features | Five of the best electric cars in Ireland

Apparently, we have but 11 years before all we can buy will be electric cars. While that might (or might not) be a fanciful notion, the fact is that accelerating electric car sales are one of the few bright spots in the Irish car market right now, and the quality, performance and range of those cars is getting better almost, it seems, every week. Here’s our top five right now...

1 - Kia e-Soul

The Kia Soul was, for years, a slightly oddball, interesting car that was really designed as cheap transport for US college students, and never worked in…

Performance SUVs: a (non)rebuttal

by Neil Briscoe on 19 Aug 2019

Complete Car Features | Performance SUVs: a (non)rebuttal

I should like, with this article, to offer a robust and complete rebuttal to the words of my esteemed colleague Mr Matthew Robinson. I should like to, but the problem is that I can't.

A few months ago, I probably could have done. You see, Matt has recently written that he likes high-performance SUVs and thinks that they're basically ace. This is a viewpoint with which I previously would have had no truck. Ironically. 

It's not that I don't like SUVs. It's that, in the past, I have hated them. I hate the way that…

Not all hybrids are created equal

by Neil Briscoe on 12 Jul 2019

Complete Car Features | Not all hybrids are created equal

There's an easy, even lazy tendency to assume that all hybrid cars are the same. A bit of petrol power, a dash of electric assistance, some lower fuel consumption and CO2 figures, and away we go. Well, it's not - quite - that easy, and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a classic case in point. Not all hybrids are the same, nor even equal...

The Outlander PHEV has been on sale for half-a-decade now and has evolved considerably in that time. It's a plug-in hybrid, which means that unlike a, shall we say 'classical'…