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All the 182 registration offers in one place

by on 19 Jun 2018

Complete Car Features | All the 182 registration offers in one place

Here you'll find easy links to individual news stories on all of the 182 registration period finance and scrappage offers reported on CompleteCar.ie to date (If we've missed any, please do let us know).

BMW announces 182 offers 
So, if you're thinking of buying a new BMW this 182-registration period (and why wouldn't you be?) there's some very good news. BMW Ireland is offering a nine per cent price cut across the range, for orders put in before the 30th of September.

Citroen van scrappage…

The perfect car for hot weather?

by Neil Briscoe on 29 May 2018

Complete Car Features | The perfect car for hot weather?

The temperature gauge has hit 25 degrees Celsius and my city is in crisis. Pets are spontaneously exploding, outdoor swimming pools (alright, pool) are (is) running dry and kettles are useless as they're unable to increase the temperature of the water coming out of the tap. Sun cream suppliers have declared a state of emergency.

OK, so maybe it's not that hot, but at the time of writing, we're in the midst of the traditional Irish exam-time heatwave and, for just this few days, we get to be proper Europeans. Sitting outside when we go to the pub, or the…

Farewell Mitsubishi Pajero

by Neil Briscoe on 22 May 2018

Complete Car Features | Farewell Mitsubishi Pajero

There's no question that growing up in West Cork gives you a somewhat unique attitude to cars (some might say warped, and I wouldn't necessarily disagree with them). Cars that would seem utterly ordinary and mundane to some seemed like rare jewels to a cadre of car nuts reaching puberty on the shores of the North Atlantic. A case in point: one of my friend's mum once bought a 1.1-litre Fiesta and this was, genuinely, like a Ferrari to us because (a) it was bright red and (b) it was new. No-one had a new car in West Cork, back…

Book review: Motor Assembly in Ireland

by David Mullen on 04 May 2018

Complete Car Features | Book review: Motor Assembly in Ireland

I'm ushered past reception at Motor Distributors Limited's HQ on Dublin's Naas Road by the company's heritage curator, Denis Dowdall. He leads me along the corridors of the preserved 1940s building to a room that he informs me was once a Volkswagen showroom. He unlocks the door and my jaw drops.

“You'd be fairly unique if your first word wasn't wow,” he tells me.

Inside the room is an impeccable and gleaming collection of about two-dozen classic cars. The eye is immediately drawn to the silver, 1950s Mercedes 300SL Gullwing in the centre of the room.

“People love that one…

Why won't my car's stop-start system work?

by Neil Briscoe on 02 May 2018

Complete Car Features | Why won't my car's stop-start system work?

What is stop-start? Why did the car makers bring it in, really?

Simply put, stop-start is a fuel-and-emissions saving device, a way of easily and (hopefully) quickly switching off and restarting a car’s engine when you’re standing still in traffic. It’s, obviously, of benefit simply because when you’re not moving, you’re burning up fuel and puffing emissions into the air utterly needlessly if the engine is still running. 

Fun-fact: everyone thinks that the Volkswagen Lupo 3-Litre (which refers to its fuel consumption in litres per 100km, not its engine size) was the first car to get a stop-start system, but…

Five of the best luxury cars in Ireland

by on 16 Mar 2018

Complete Car Features | Five of the best luxury cars in Ireland

Luxury cars are those that have opulent, sumptuous interiors, the latest and greatest tech, masses of kerb appeal and, usually, a hefty price tag to boot. Luxury cars come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they offer a plush ride that makes you wish your journey was just a little but further. We've test driven loads of luxury cars and here are the five that we think are the best on the Irish market right now - and they’re not all traditional four-door saloons, either.

1 - Range Rover

Land Rover's Range Rover…