Who we are

This page is intended to give you a brief idea of who CompleteCar.ie is run by.

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Shane O' Donoghue: Editor

Shane's background has a PhD. in automotive engineering and he began his motoring career working as an engineer in the UK (following years of hands-on training alongside his dad in his garage). Shane soon realised that he preferred driving and writing about cars to developing them in the first place and hence started the Car Enthusiast Editorial Agency in 1999. Shane moved home to Ireland in 2006 though remains at the helm of that business. Shane is one of the co-founders of CompleteCar.ie, originally launched in 2009.

Since the start of 2012 Shane took on the role of Motoring Correspondent for the Sunday Business Post. He is regularly asked to discuss motoring matters on a myriad of television and radio stations - not to mention writing for loads of other prominent publications in Ireland, the UK, America, Australia and even a few countries that don't have English as their first language...

Dave Humphreys: Road Test Editor

Dave has had a varied life in the automotive world - on both two and four wheels. His motoring career began in the motorcycle industry where he worked for a number of prestige brands. During this time he gained experience on- and off-road, as well as on the racetrack, and has even drag raced on two wheels! His time on four wheels has been equally varied - from international supercar rallies to pre-war classics.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from the manufacturer, consumer and media side. In addition to founding 50to70.com he also presents a podcast show called The Engine Room and has contributed to numerous outlets including Car Buyers Guide, Spokeout, Bike Buyers Guide, Joe.ie and MyLifeAtSpeed.com.

Neil Briscoe: Editor-at-large

Neil Briscoe has been a motoring writer (or car critic, as he prefers) for more than a decade and a half now. In that time he has raced an MX-5, driven a Land Rover up an Icelandic glacier and been overtaken by a Daewoo Matiz while driving an Alfa Romeo 147. Of the three, it's that last one he's never been able to live down. Husband of one, father of two, he lives in Belfast and would rather off-road than drive on a race track.

Melanie May: Production & Social Media Editor

Melanie has a varied past, but the one thing that remains consistent throughout is her love of studying and education. A B.A. Honours degree and Postgraduate degree brought her into the world of education and she was a high-school teacher for many years. So she is no stranger to taking out her red pen and helping improve the work of others. She also holds a Higher Diploma and Master's Degree in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, as well as a Certificate and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She combines her love of studying human behaviour with her digital marketing skills in the form of social media interaction and website user design and experience; she can also totally read your mind.

A five-year solo backpacking stint around the world honed her driving skills; navigating the mean streets of Sao Paulo on a moped, crank starting her 1970s Volkswagen Campervan on top of a spewing volcano in Chile and hill-starting a six-berth campervan on the world's steepest street in New Zealand is not for the faint-hearted, but Melanie loves a bit of adventure, hence why she now drives an 18-year-old imported Mitsubishi Pajero Jr...

Maurice Malone: Staff Writer

Maurice has been a petrolhead since birth, aided by an upbringing that involved exposure to all sorts of vehicles. He qualified as an engineer, but a lifelong desire to be an automotive journalist recently become a reality thanks to CompleteCar.ie. An avid motorsport enthusiast and occasional competitor, he also 'enjoys' the struggle of running a Renaultsport Clio Trophy as a daily driver, and is prone to getting up before sunrise just to enjoy a good drive on an empty road.