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NOx levy on importing a 2013 Hyundai i30?


I'm thinking of importing a 2013 Hyundai i30 with 150,000 miles on the clock. I can calculate the VRT but don't know how to calculate the NOx. How much roughly would the NOx for this roughly cost?


James Deehan (Ballina)

Jan 2024 Filed under: importing

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Any limit on number of cars I can bring with me from the UK?

My wife and I are moving to Ireland from England and we have two cars with my name on the V5 - though one is my wife's. We were thinking of buying a campervan and taxing and registering it here for the six months before bringing it in without charges. Is there a limit to the amount of vehicles you can bring in? Can't find answer on Revenue website.


Jun 2023 Filed under: importing

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VRT on a 1995 Bentley Turbo R?


I am looking for some idea as to how much the VRT would be to import a 1995 Bentley Turbo R with an Irish open market selling price of €15k approximately.

Many thanks, Will

William Govan (Cavan)

Aug 2023 Filed under: importing

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NOx rating for a 2019 Skoda Karoq?


What is the NOx value for a 2019 Skoda Karoq with CO2 value of 133g/km? It's the 1.5-litre TSI 110 with the DSG automatic gearbox.

Patrick Heavin (Galway)

Aug 2023 Filed under: importing

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What are the taxes on importing a hearse?


We are thinking of importing a Mercedes Hearsette from the UK (2021). As a commercial vehicle, can you advise what charges we will incur?

Many thanks, Fran

Pierce Coachbuilders Ltd Barry Pierce (Co Kerry)

Apr 2023 Filed under: importing

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Do I need to pay VAT on this CLA import?

I got a 2013 CLA from Newry that arrived before Brexit but wasn’t registered in NI and was sold back to England. I’m unable to get my VRT done as they say I need to pay VAT also. Is there any way around this?

Adedapo Aderibigbe (Kildare)

Mar 2023 Filed under: importing

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Is VAT on importing on the whole price of the car?

On importing a car from the UK, is the VAT charged on the price paid for the car or just on the value of the 10 per cent custom duty?

Thank you

John Breen (Kilkenny,)

Jan 2023 Filed under: importing

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Importing a Defender for work - VAT and VRT?

Looking to import a Land Rover Defender 110 as a commercial vehicle. I have a VAT-registered company and it will be used as a commercial vehicle only. I am trying to establish if VAT can be claimed back and if VRT is payable. It's a 2015/2016 model.

David Mahon (Dublin)

Oct 2022 Filed under: importing

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Will I pay VAT importing my own car from UK?


I am moving back to Ireland after living in the UK for 10 years. I am bringing my car (11 years old, two previous owners). I have already got VRT exemption but I'm worried I will have to pay VAT at 23% on it. I have the purchase invoice and I was not charged VAT by the UK dealer at the time.

Am I going to be charged VAT now by the Irish Revenue?

Cheers, Tony

Tony Herrigan (London)

Jul 2022 Filed under: importing

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Do I need to pay VAT importing this bike?

I am having trouble working out if the motorbike I would like to bring into Ireland from Northern Ireland requires VAT. I understand about the VRT, which should be €700+€100, but does it require VAT? The bike was first registered in NI but is an engine rebuild with only 50km on the clock. It is insured and taxed up north as a 2007 vehicle.

Fiona C (Dublin)

Jul 2022 Filed under: importing

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