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Looking to buy a 2015 Hyundai ix35...


I'm going to buy a 2015 Hyundai ix35 1.7 diesel SE Nav 116hp (72k on the clock). I was wondering if it had a timing belt or chain. Also if there is anything I need to look at when viewing?

Many thanks in advance

William Morgan (Bradford)

Mar 2024 Filed under: choosing used car

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Should I buy this Golf with no service history?

Hello there,

I am interested in buying a used 2018 VW Golf from a dealership. The dealer is SIMI registered. The car ticks all the boxes, but it does not have a service history. They only have hand written info in the car servicing booklet (no stamps from mechanic/dealership) and there are no receipts. The car has 120k on the clock and the dealer has said they know the previous owner and they replaced the timing belt at 100k, but there is no receipt of this work being done.

Should I avoid the purchase or take the dealership at its word?

Karen Devlin (Galway)

Nov 2023 Filed under: choosing used car

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Should I buy a Maserati Quattroporte?

I’m in the process of changing my car, which is a 2018 Mercedes E-Class saloon - diesel - and a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte 3.0-litre diesel with low mileage has caught my eye. My concerns are about the maintenance cost and reliability of such a different kind of car. Or am I mad? I’d appreciate your professional opinion on this.

Thank you

John Muldowney (Kilkenny)

Jan 2022 Filed under: choosing used car

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How is depreciation worked out?

How is depreciation worked out for cars and who decided on a percentage figure?

F D (Dublin)

Oct 2021 Filed under: choosing used car

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Which 2018 car for commuting?

Hi guys,

I'm currently driving a 2014 Mercedes C-Class. I'm looking to upgrade to something 2018 up and maybe move up a class. I'm open to any make/model. I have a big enough commute: 150km a day four days a week. I live in Northern Ireland so I am lucky I get it slightly cheaper.

What would you recommend?

Brian McElroy (Northern Ireland)

Aug 2021 Filed under: choosing used car

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Thoughts on this Audi A1 TDI?

I'm thinking of buying a 161 Audi A1 1.6 TDI with very low mileage - only around 18,000 miles done. It has had two owners, one for nearly nine months and one for six and it looks like the rest of the time it has been at a dealer's for sale. It's clean inside and comes in at €15k. Other ads for sale have much higher mileage for similar price. It looks at one stage like it has been at a dealer for nearly three years and has currently been for sale for almost a year with the dealer (from car history report). It's due an NCT and the dealer is giving six months' warranty. Is buying a car that was idle so long a good idea and does it sound too good to be true?!

John Murphy (Clonmel)

Mar 2021 Filed under: choosing used car

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Which BMW 520d to go for?

Which would your pick be, a 2017 BMW 520d M Sport Saloon or a mid-2018 520d SE EfficientDynamics Saloon?

Ben Taplin (Dublin)

Jan 2021 Filed under: choosing used car

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I have €4,000 to buy my first car...


I'm a student from Dublin looking to buy my first car. Budget is small, around €4,000. Obviously a small engine will be cheaper insurance-wise and grand for driving in Dublin, but I would be driving to Ennis and back once or twice a month (500km ish). Is a 1.0-litre too small,? Should iIlook for something bigger?

Mark Boyle

Dec 2020 Filed under: choosing used car

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Thoughts on 2014 diesel Ford Kuga?

I’m thinking of buying a 2014 2.0-litre diesel Ford Kuga with 80,000 miles on the clock: what are the pit falls?


Jim Willett (Chelmsford)

Nov 2020 Filed under: choosing used car

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Thoughts on this Volvo V60 deal?

Hi there,

I have a 2014 Volvo v60 R-Design D3 with 124,555 miles on the clock and I've seen an ex-demo Volvo V60 R-Design D3. I got talking to the sales man and here is what he emailed me:

"Hi Pauric,

As promised, see below figures for demo model V60 R-Design. This car is €7k less compared to new so a very good saving and no mileage on the car. Retail price €46,500. Trade Nov 2020 €12,250.  Cost before settlement €34,250. Settlement €9,871.91, valid until 30.11.20 with €4,400 down payment."

Is this a deal if a lifetime? Or should I walk away?

Pauric Mc Ginley (Killybegs)

Nov 2020 Filed under: choosing used car

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