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Should I buy a hybrid BMW 5 Series?

Hi folks,

I'm thinking of changing my car to a BMW 5 Series. The prices of the hybrids are considerably less than the diesel models, and since I do low mileage anyway, the hybrid would probably fit the bill better. I'm looking at 2020 models, but the problem is they have around 100,000 kilometres on them, and my mechanic said under absolutely no circumstances should I purchase one, as the batteries are a ticking time bomb...

My question is, do you think they're that bad, considering there are so many of them visible on the roads? I intend to keep the car for five years, and around 200,000 kilometers. Can these batteries last 200K? I have read horror stories of batteries costing 10s of thousands to fix, should they fail and that's simply out of the question.

I'm currently driving a diesel Passat, which my mechanic tells me is a far better car than the BMW. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you

Daniel Dunne (Castlecomer)

Jul 2024 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi Daniel,

First up, the battery in those alone wouldn't cost in the 10s of thousands - it's considerably less than that. Not that you'd ever want to have to do it, but still, it's worth bearing that in mind.

I must admit we have heard of a few cases where BMW has struggled to identify an issue with the hybrid system recharging the battery and the repair is expensive as it involved replacing the whole hybrid system, not just the battery. That's frightening of course, but it's only a few cases rather than every example of the car.

If you go ahead with the purchase, perhaps consider an aftermarket used car warranty.

If you don't feel confident going for it, come back to us with more information on your budget and needs and we'll try to find you an alternative to your diesel Passat.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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