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What will I replace my VW Golf R with?

I recently had my 182 VW Golf R stolen. They broke into my home to take the keys, which terrified us all, most especially my kids. Now I need to buy a replacement car. I have no clue what to buy due to the rapidly changing pace of cars from diesel to electric and I cannot hold out until the autumn for the launch of newer cars. What I would like is something no smaller than a Golf, up to any size. It cannot be a flashy car or a targeted car like my Golf R, but not as boring as the typical taxi car either. Believe it or not I would like something as fuel efficient as possible without compromising on build or ride quality. I mainly drive country roads and motorways, with city driving maybe once a week. I find cars like hatchbacks great for getting more stuff in when the seats are down. I would also like the car to keep with the times for the next three years so not diesel.

Hope you can help

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Joe Lyons (Dundalk) - Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:35

How much tax on a Ford Connect, privately?

My nephew wants to buy a 2007 Ford Connect 1800 diesel for work and pleasure; how much road tax would he pay per year?

Filed under taxation - Asked by Alan Young (Dublin) - Wed, 01 May 2019 09:06

Thoughts on semi-autonomous systems?


I'm interested in one of these semi-autonomous driving systems, where, as long as you keep your hands on the steering wheel, the car will keep within the white lines and possibly include changing lanes. I'm thinking of it in the context of driving long distances on continental motorways. There seems to be any number of systems out there - some more in the line of adaptive cruise control (keeping a set distance from the car in front) - to something more autonomous along the lines above allowing lane changes. While they are at different price points I was wondering if you have had the opportunity to try the Pro Pilot on the Nissan Qashqai and the Drive Pilot by Volvo and if you are in a position to comment on their relative merits.



Filed under optional extras - Asked by Philip Donegan (Ballina) - Fri, 03 May 2019 11:37

Help me out with some import answers...


I'm currently living in London. I've bought a passenger vehicle to beat the VRT when I return to Ireland. It's registered to me, but the wife will be taking it when we get back to Ireland. I plan to buy a Land Rover Discovery Commercial. Will I get away with €200 VRT (as it's an N1 category vehicle) when I return and re-register it, as I plan to use it as a private van? I don't really need the space but could do with a 4x4 for helping out on the farm at home, hence why I'm thinking a commercial would be cheaper.

Thanks a million.


Filed under VRT - Asked by Rob Hoban (London) - Fri, 03 May 2019 19:20

Starting price of this VW California?


Just wondering what the starting price is of the Volkswagen California Ocean Celebration model?

Kind regards


Filed under pricing - Asked by Sean Fallon (Wexford) - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 18:08

Which exec EV to replace my Jaguar with?

I plan on replacing a Jaguar XF diesel next year and would like to move to a “greener” alternative. Are you aware of any PHEVs or pure electric cars that are expected this year in the executive category apart from BMW 530e and Mercedes E 350 de? I would like to go all electric but prices seem very high at the moment. I drive about 40,000km per annum so hybrid diesel or pure electric with good range look to me like the best options. The only executive EVs all seem to be around the €90k mark, which is too high for me.

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Joe Peterson (Wicklow) - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 18:57

A work-home vehicle conundrum...


I have a question in relation to insuring an SUV on a private policy and taxing it as commercial. The details of it are: I work as a sole trader and have a company registered etc so all the paper work is covered. However, I need a car for private use and for carrying equipment for work etc. The insurance company have told me the only way to have any private use of a commercial SUV would be to insure it privately with a clause for it to have work use also. I'm trying to find out if I insure it as private will I also have to tax it as private, even though it is a commercial vehicle and primarily used for business. My only other option is to run and insure two different vehicles, only able to use my no-claims discount on one, making it extremely expensive.

Filed under commercial vehicle - Asked by Paul Cuddihy (Drogheda) - Sat, 04 May 2019 22:30

Can I tax a small van privately?


Can I insure a small van (Ford Fiesta) commercially and tax it privately?


Filed under commercial vehicle - Asked by Trevor Byrne (Portlaoise) - Thu, 09 May 2019 15:03

Is the SA Opel Monza ok to import to Ireland?

A friend of mine in Dublin is planning to import a 1990 Opel Monza GSi saloon from Cape Town in South Africa she's seen online, but is it legal to import to Republic of Ireland and, since it's identical to the old Opel Kadett sold in Ireland in the 1980s, no parts issues?

Filed under importing - Asked by Rebecca J (United Kingdom) - Sun, 12 May 2019 22:17

Zero per cent finance on these SUVs?


Can I get 0% finance on the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid or Kia Sorento GT line?

Filed under finance - Asked by E Farrell (Dublin ) - Mon, 13 May 2019 19:07