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Porsche Macan 4 or Audi Q6 e-tron?

I am considering purchasing either an Audi Q6 e-tron or Porsche Macan 4. Which would you advise?

Sean Cotter (Newtownmountkennedy)

Jul 2024 Filed under: choosing new car

Expert answer

Hi Sean,

I drove the Macan 4 at its international launch (read that review here) and today the Audi Q6 e-tron on Irish roads so I can have a stab at comparing them, though bear in mind that both were high-spec cars. The Q6 e-tron I tested was the quattro model using the same two electric motors as the Macan 4, as well as the 100kWh (95kWh of which is usable) battery so these are quite comparable.

The Audi had loads of options though, including air suspension, so that undoubtedly alters how it drives. On that note, the Audi is a little more comfortable than the Porsche, but a little less involving and slower to respond to steering inputs and accelerator inputs. Both are very quiet, refined and smooth to drive, with the Audi slightly better in that regard. The Porsche has fractionally better 'blending' of the friction brakes and recuperation via the motors.

There's nothing to choose between them in terms of range, efficiency and charging capabilities.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Macan 4 has a marginally bigger boot and extra storage under the bonnet included in the price, while you have to pay Audi more to get the 'frunk' insert in the Q6. The rear seats of the Audi feel more spacious, however, than the Macan's.

The cabins are vastly different, but both of very high quality. I prefer the perfectly round steering wheel in the Porsche.

Finally, pricing: the comparable Audi is cheaper than the Porsche and there are more affordable versions of the Q6 e-tron - one with a smaller battery, another with rear-wheel drive - that there are no equivalents to in the Macan lineup.

So as you can see, no clear 'winner' as there are too many variables at work, but hopefully this helps you choose which is for you and your budget. 

Do let us know which one you go for. Both are lovely.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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