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My Kia Sorento's engine failed...


I have a 2019 Kia Sorento bought in October 2021. My engine has died, but Kia is refusing to cover replacement under warranty as car was not serviced. My car has been driving well and my argument is there was never a “service due” on the dash. Is this not a fault on the car manufacturer?

Please advise thank you

Maura Thompson (Dysart)

May 2024 Filed under: warranty

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Should engines from a dismantlers be under warranty?

We bought a second hand car and the sump broke and damaged the engine. The mechanic said he could source a second hand engine from a dismantlers and fit it. He said the car is ready now and that there is no warranty on the engine. I would have imagined the dismantlers give a warranty when you buy a second hand engine from them?

Priscilla Rowley (Castlebar)

May 2024 Filed under: warranty

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Are these items covered under warranty?

I bought a SEAT Ibiza earlier this year.

I had to bring it back to the garage for screeching in the brakes, they replaced the pads but now I am told that the discs are gone; should they not have seen this? Also, are they covered under warranty? Is air conditioning covered under warranty as it turns out the gas is gone on this as well?

M Donnelly (Tipperary)

Sep 2023 Filed under: warranty

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Is a write-off still under warranty?

I bought a 2019 Citroen Dispatch Van in the UK with 6,000 miles on it. Had light frontal damage (a wing and a headlight), but was recorded as a category S. I bought the wing and headlamp off Citroen and got the vehicle repaired by an approved body shop. The radio is not working correctly (a common fault) and a sensor went in the exhaust. Citroen refuses to do it under warranty because it's category S. By law can it refuse to do this work? I will get an engineer's report if required but it won't make a difference. In fairness, the dealership is willing to do it but Citroen won't honour it.

Owen Ryan (Templemore)

Feb 2021 Filed under: warranty

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Is my UK Toyota warranty ok in Ireland?


I recently purchased a 2018 Toyota Yaris hybrid from a used dealer, which was a UK import and I changed my registration to Ireland. The car has a five-year warranty; is this applicable in Ireland?


Jacob Anselm (Dublin)

Nov 2020 Filed under: warranty

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Will a Hyundai warranty cover my UK import?


I have a UK-imported Hyundai i30 with the wheel bearings gone; does the warranty cover this?

Mark Mc Keever (Dublin)

Jul 2020 Filed under: warranty

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Will servicing elsewhere affect my warranty?

Will my warranty be affected by not using a main dealer to service my car bought second hand from a small dealer? The car is a 182-reg Hyundai i10.

John Connors (Thurles)

Sep 2020 Filed under: warranty

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Will a Toyota warranty be ok on an import?

I am importing a 2017 Toyota Avensis 1.6 Business Diesel from the UK to Ireland. There is a seven-year manufacturer's warranty on the car. Does this transfer to the Republic of Ireland?

Johnnie O'Malley (Ballina)

Jun 2020 Filed under: warranty

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Is my Tucson clutch covered by warranty?

Is my 2016 Tucson clutch covered by warranty?

Martin Moore (Dublin)

May 2020 Filed under: warranty

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Will Opel fix my Meriva for free?

I have a 2006 Opel Meriva with a power steering problem. Will Opel repair it for free?

Thank you kindly Mary

Mary O Driscoll (Cork)

Jan 2020 Filed under: warranty

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