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Should engines from a dismantlers be under warranty?

We bought a second hand car and the sump broke and damaged the engine. The mechanic said he could source a second hand engine from a dismantlers and fit it. He said the car is ready now and that there is no warranty on the engine. I would have imagined the dismantlers give a warranty when you buy a second hand engine from them?

Priscilla Rowley (Castlebar)

May 2024 Filed under: warranty

Expert answer

Hi Priscilla,

Actually, we would not expect any warranty on the engine in that situation. Before you buy the engine there may be a chance to negotiate such a thing, but it's not the norm as the engines come from dismantled cars and the dismantler usually knows very little about their history etc. Hence they're far cheaper to buy than new or properly reconditioned engines. 

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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