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Are PHEVs and EVs safe from water?


I was mulling over buying a PHEV. In these cars the battery is underneath the car. These batteries don't appear to be sealed as they have air vents. I'm worried about possible water damage (rust, wiring, etc) to the battery from going through deep puddles, minor floods, etc. This must be an issue for EVs as well. The thought is inclined to put me off so I would welcome your thoughts.



Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Apr 2024 Filed under: hybrid

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Looking to import a camper from the UK

Looking to import a 1995 campervan from the UK. I understand VRT is at 13.3 per cent. Will I be liable for VAT or other customs charges?



John Filbert (Slane)

Apr 2024 Filed under: importing

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Looking to buy a 2015 Hyundai ix35...


I'm going to buy a 2015 Hyundai ix35 1.7 diesel SE Nav 116hp (72k on the clock). I was wondering if it had a timing belt or chain. Also if there is anything I need to look at when viewing?

Many thanks in advance

William Morgan (Bradford)

Mar 2024 Filed under: choosing used car

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I'm not happy with the car I have on PCP...

Hi guys,

I’m just into year two of my PCP; it’s the third three-year term I’ve had with the same dealer and same make and model car. They are great to deal with, great customer service etc.

But I’ve had issues with the car since I got it with the filter and have had it in the garage now three times in the past year for a re-gen: the light keeps coming on and going off but sometimes will stay on and those times has to be brought to the garage: it’s a mild-hybrid and I think there are issues with the 2023 model.

Is there any way I can swap cars in the middle of the contract give the issues I’m having? Not sure of my rights here.

Thanks a million

Dee Wall (Dublin)

Mar 2024 Filed under: finance

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Looking for a replacement engine for my Toyota Verso...


Would you be able to confirm if I can use the same engine from a Toyota Avensis, Auris and RAV4? It's 1,598cc and 112hp, I think. I have researched it and I understand it's a modified BMW engine, also used in the MINI Cooper D. Can I use the above models in my search to find a replacement, as my engine is toast?

Thanks in advance


Niall Craig (Mullingar)

Mar 2024 Filed under: fault

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Does my Toyota Avensis have a belt or chain?


Does my 2008 Toyota Avensis 2.0-litre 126hp diesel have a timing belt or chain?

Anton Perkins (Limerick)

Mar 2024 Filed under: servicing

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NOx levy on importing a 2013 Hyundai i30?


I'm thinking of importing a 2013 Hyundai i30 with 150,000 miles on the clock. I can calculate the VRT but don't know how to calculate the NOx. How much roughly would the NOx for this roughly cost?


James Deehan (Ballina)

Jan 2024 Filed under: importing

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Renault Megane E-Tech or Tesla Model 3?


I'm planning to change to a new EV. I've narrowed my choice down to two cars - the Megane E-Tech and the new Tesla Model 3. Which in your opinion is the better car, and why?

Many thanks


Ainsley Heffernan (Bray)

Jan 2024 Filed under: choosing new car

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Should I change to a hybrid car?

Hello there,

I currently commute 50km each way (total 100km per day), five days per week, with half motorway driving and half dual carriageway driving. I am considering a hybrid, but would like some advice if people think this would be a good option as I currently drive a diesel car.



Brendan Lacey (Kildare)

Jan 2024 Filed under: hybrid

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Should I buy this Golf with no service history?

Hello there,

I am interested in buying a used 2018 VW Golf from a dealership. The dealer is SIMI registered. The car ticks all the boxes, but it does not have a service history. They only have hand written info in the car servicing booklet (no stamps from mechanic/dealership) and there are no receipts. The car has 120k on the clock and the dealer has said they know the previous owner and they replaced the timing belt at 100k, but there is no receipt of this work being done.

Should I avoid the purchase or take the dealership at its word?

Karen Devlin (Galway)

Nov 2023 Filed under: choosing used car

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