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Thinking of buying a new Toyota Corolla estate...


Thinking of purchasing new Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate. Would this provide better fuel range and costs than my current car, a Skoda Octavia Combi diesel?

Many thanks.

John Dalton (Clonmel)

Jun 2024 Filed under: choosing new car

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Do I need to register my car in Northern Ireland?

Have recently moved to NI from GB. Couldn't MOT my car (long wait and couldn't do the online queue thing as it was not recognised as a NI car, having not been MOT'd there before). So - took it back to GB, MOT'd it and now want to bring it back to NI. Should I get an import form or something, so it is recognised as an NI car now? Confusingly, we are sailing into Dublin and then driving it North for complicated reasons... will that matter? Had the car a year. Can you help - I am so confused!

Alix Wood (Enniskillen)

May 2024 Filed under: importing

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My Kia Sorento's engine failed...


I have a 2019 Kia Sorento bought in October 2021. My engine has died, but Kia is refusing to cover replacement under warranty as car was not serviced. My car has been driving well and my argument is there was never a “service due” on the dash. Is this not a fault on the car manufacturer?

Please advise thank you

Maura Thompson (Dysart)

May 2024 Filed under: warranty

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I want to sell my English camper...

I am based in Northern Ireland and want to sell my Vauxhall Vivaro campervan. It was professionally converted in England and still has English plates. I bought it in October 2023 from England and brought it over myself by ferry. What would a buyer from the South have to do if they purchased it? Would it make a difference if it was registered as a campervan on the UK logbook? It is currently registered as a light goods van. Would it make a difference if I got a motor vehicle engineer (SQI) to do a Declaration of Conversion?


Jun 2024 Filed under: importing

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Looking to buy a van for private use...

I'm looking at buying a Ford Transit Connect LWB 1.5L (2018-2020 ish). I'm going to be using it privately, travelling Ireland with boards and camping stuff in the back. I'm unsure of how to go about taxing and insuring it privately. I'm getting quotes at the moment but it's looking more complicated than I had anticipated.

Few questions here:

1. Do I need to do anything to switch the van from commercial to private use? I've heard about possible VRT, but I can't seem to find any info online about that apart from imported vehicles.

2. Is taxing and insuring as straightforward as doing so with a regular car? I'm aware that AXA who I’m currently with for a car won't privately insure me in a van so I'm checking with

3. CVRT - I know it's more expensive than NCT and is yearly, but is this as simple to get done?

4. Are there any other problems that I might run into if I do buy a van to use privately? I'm pretty clueless on how any of this works.

Rebekah Steele (Bray)

Jun 2024 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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EGR and DPF in a 2010 Skoda Superb?

Does the 2010 to 2012 Skoda Superb diesel 2.0-litre have a DPF and EGR fitted? I am considering buying a model from this year.

Joseph Murray (Drogheda)

May 2024 Filed under: diesel

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Should engines from a dismantlers be under warranty?

We bought a second hand car and the sump broke and damaged the engine. The mechanic said he could source a second hand engine from a dismantlers and fit it. He said the car is ready now and that there is no warranty on the engine. I would have imagined the dismantlers give a warranty when you buy a second hand engine from them?

Priscilla Rowley (Castlebar)

May 2024 Filed under: warranty

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Will this Northern Ireland import be VAT and duty-free?


I'm looking at importing a car from Northern Ireland - first reg June 2020 in Northern Ireland. Am I correct in reading the very complicated rules as needing to pay VRT, plates and motor tax, but not having to pay customs and VAT?

Is the V5C sufficient, or will I need the dealer to provide import/shipping info too?

Many thanks


David Forde (Kilkenny)

Apr 2024 Filed under: importing

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What to replace my Skoda Superb with?

Hi all,

I drive a 2016 Skoda Superb 2.0 diesel 150hp DSG hatch and would like to change as the mileage is now approaching 250,000km. I drive about 50,000km per annum of which two thirds is motorway. I have a fuel card so mpg is not a concern, more depreciation and service costs.

I am considering the following:

1. One-year-old Superb (similar spec) approx €45k

2. A new-model Superb (available July) approx €53k

3. An imported two-year-old 5 Series Touring (530e or 520d) approx €46k

Which would you recommend?

Many thanks

Michael (Clare)

Michael Sweeney (Tulla)

Apr 2024 Filed under: choosing new car

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Is this true about VAT importing from the North?

I have a UK-reg Audi A6. I purchased it in March 2023. I am now moved to the south but have been refused a TOR [Transfer of Residency]. While I wait an appeal I have to clear the car. Do I have to pay 23 per cent VAT and import duty? I have heard that if you have proof that the car has been in Northern Ireland for four months then it is exempt from VAT. Is this true?

Matthew McGloin (Kinlough)

Apr 2024 Filed under: importing

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