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Should I ditch my car after NCT failure?


I am in two minds what to do. My car recently failed the NCT and it is going to cost me nearly €1,000 to fix it or should I leave it and buy a new car?

Filed under NCT - Asked by Alan Shannon (Ennis ) - Fri, 05 Feb 2021 11:43

Will interior lights fail the NCT?

Will interior LED lights that go into the footwell fail your car's NCT?

Filed under NCT - Asked by Oisin McG - Fri, 05 Feb 2021 14:50

Diesel or petrol Skoda Kamiq?

Is the diesel or the petrol a better investment in the Skoda Kamiq?

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Anne Heffernan (Listowel ) - Sat, 06 Feb 2021 22:42

Can I have full VRT break down for the ID.3?

I'm trying to get my mother onto the disabled passenger scheme that means they'll give you a refund of VAT and VRT every second year.

Take the Volkswagen ID.3: your site quotes prices net of delivery, VRT and SEAI grant. Can you tell what an ID.3 would cost net of VRT as well? There's a limit on that scheme of €16k every two years on disabled passengers compared to €10k for driver scheme so taking max benefit of grant can I get breakdown of car with no grant list price maybe including other charges minus VAT minus VRT minus SEAI grant. Or is the SEAI grant part of VRT, ie one or the other?


Filed under electric cars - Asked by Tom Richardson (Tipperary) - Wed, 10 Feb 2021 00:19

Should I buy a Tesla Model 3 now?

I am thinking of buying a Tesla Model 3 instead of a Peugeot e-2008. Good idea? Should I wait for a possible M3 price drop? Do you think it may happen over the coming months? Or should I get one before the 21-23% VAT increase? Tough, perhaps impossible to know when to take the plunge.

Thank you.

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Peter Dublin (Dublin) - Tue, 09 Feb 2021 11:25

Paperwork needed for NI imported car?

Buying a car purchased by a NI garage before Xmas but originally registered in UK. Do I need additional paperwork for VRT centre e.g. proof they purchased and imported cars before Brexit?

Filed under importing - Asked by L GKelly - Fri, 05 Feb 2021 23:54

How to change a Range Rover Sport's status?

Hi guys,

I am looking to buy a 2013 Range Rover Sport, a 3.0-litre diesel that is currently designated as a business commercial vehicle with €333 tax. There are five seats and no VAT on the sale off the vehicle. Once purchased, I wish to tax it privately and also insure it privately as a passenger car. Can you outline this process and if it’s straightforward and possible?



Filed under commercial vehicle - Asked by Frank Mitchel (Dublin) - Sat, 06 Feb 2021 07:37

How to go about taxing a van privately?

I’ve got a 2010 Citroen Dispatch 2.0-litre van and I’m just wondering how I go about getting it taxed privately for the first time and how much it would be?

Filed under taxation - Asked by David Mc Tiernan (Roscommon ) - Sun, 07 Feb 2021 21:44

How much to tax my old MINI?

My MINI will be 20 yrs old next year. It’s a petrol 1.6-litre; how much tax do I pay please?

Thank you

Filed under taxation - Asked by Margaret Diskin (Galway) - Mon, 08 Feb 2021 15:06

How much to tax a Ranger privately?

How much will I pay to tax a 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0 manual for private use?

Filed under taxation - Asked by Paul Kelly (Dublin) - Wed, 10 Feb 2021 11:47