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Which 2018 car for commuting?

Hi guys,

I'm currently driving a 2014 Mercedes C-Class. I'm looking to upgrade to something 2018 up and maybe move up a class. I'm open to any make/model. I have a big enough commute: 150km a day four days a week. I live in Northern Ireland so I am lucky I get it slightly cheaper.

What would you recommend?

Brian McElroy (Northern Ireland)

Aug 2021 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi Brian,

You've not told us your budget at all, but a 2018 E-Class sounds like it would certainly fit the bill for your needs. There are several good diesel options, which I think would be best for your commute. That age of E-Class is really lovely.

A close competitor is, obviously, the BMW 5 Series. A 520d does it all, mixing great efficiency with comfort and a bit of sportiness when you want it. The 530d has more impressive performance, of course, but it isn't as economical.

I'd recommend you go test examples of those to see which you prefer.

Let us know how you get on.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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