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Should I buy this Golf with no service history?

Hello there,

I am interested in buying a used 2018 VW Golf from a dealership. The dealer is SIMI registered. The car ticks all the boxes, but it does not have a service history. They only have hand written info in the car servicing booklet (no stamps from mechanic/dealership) and there are no receipts. The car has 120k on the clock and the dealer has said they know the previous owner and they replaced the timing belt at 100k, but there is no receipt of this work being done.

Should I avoid the purchase or take the dealership at its word?

Karen Devlin (Galway)

Nov 2023 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi Karen,

I'm afraid we are no better-placed to make that decision for you as we know nothing about the car or the dealership. If the dealership says it replaced the belt then it's not likely to be lying about that, and you could pay an independent mechanic to take off the timing belt's top cover to inspect the belt. 

I'd be as worried about oil and filter changes, which are crucial for the long life of an engine.

If you have any doubts, walk away from the deal, as there will be other cars.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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