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I want to change my Rav4 for a seven-seater, just not a boring one!

Hi, congrats on new website, hope it works well. I'm looking to change an '05 Toyota Rav 4 for a 7 seater, but don't want a boring looking rectangle type car! Any ideas for a decent 7 seater that looks good as well, maybe '07/'08, max spend €15k. Thanks.

Emer Kennedy (Dublin)

May 2010 Filed under: choosing used car

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Replacing an Almera under scrappage

I want to replace my ten year-old Nissan Almera and I am told the Nisssan Tiida is it's natural successor.

I've seen very few few on the roads and cannot find a test drive report on it. Do you have any info on this car please?

My budget is up to €20,000 as well as the scrappage allowance.

Pat O'Regan (Limerick)

May 2010 Filed under: scrappage

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What fuel economy should I get in my 1.3 diesel Astra?

Hello, I drive a 2008 1.3-litre diesel Astra with a six-speed gearbox on a fairly normal driving pattern: start, stop, traffic-jams etc. and M50 motorway driving (in which I use the cruise control). What sort of fuel economy should I expect?


Alec Cowan (Tallaght)

May 2010 Filed under: fuel economy and emissions

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Replacement seats for an E39 BMW 5-Series

I have a E39 BMW 5-Series. The car seat is basic and quite uncomfortable for me. I am quite heavy. Is there any budget options out there for seat replacement?

Al Ca (Galway)

May 2010 Filed under:

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Do turbo petrol engines have a future?

I have an 2008 Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSi petrol that I find excellent. Is there any indication from VW about turbo petrol engines in the new Passat due at the end of year?

More generally do you think turbo petrols will be a growth area?

I think they are excellent alternative to diesel which a lot of people are buying on dealers recommendation without being fully convinced of, with regard to smooth power delivery?

Ger Brennan (Dundalk)

May 2010 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Which Skoda Fabia?

Thanks for your reply to my previous query regarding a recommendation of buying under scrappage. I test drove the Fabia today and was impressed. I would love to know the exact model you refer to. Is it 60- or 70hp and is it Classic or Ambiente?

Nell Rynne (Sligo)

May 2010 Filed under: scrappage

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Where to get the best deal on a new Kia Rio?

I'm interested in buying a new Kia Rio, diesel, using the scrappage deal. What is the best price I should expect to get? And would I be better dealing with a main Kia dealer as opposed to an Opel dealer? The main dealer is a 40-minute drive from me.

Kayleigh Brazil (Kells, Meath)

May 2010 Filed under: scrappage

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Will I buy a Grand Mégane or a Peugeot 308 SW under the scrappage?

What do you think of the new Grand Mégane and Peugeot 308 SW? I am thinking of purchasing in a scrappage deal but do not know much about these cars.

Breda Quaid (Kill)

May 2010 Filed under: choosing new car

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Which car should I buy under the scrappage scheme?

I am buying under the scrappage scheme.  Which of the following would you recommend: Skoda Fabia, Ford Ka, Hyundai i10 or Renault Clio?

My budget is €10,000 and I want something that will last another 10 years! Most of my driving is around town but I don't want anything tiny!! 


Nell Rynne (Sligo)

May 2010 Filed under: scrappage

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Changing my 406 Coupé for something new or used.

Hi guys,

Firstly, congrats on the website, fair play and good luck with it. I'm just looking for some advice! I'm 29, living in Dublin and do on average city say 14k per year in my car, a 2001 Peugeot 406 Coupé 2.0, which I love. I'm looking to trade up and am not sure what to go for? Would like something sporty-ish, comfortable, economical all round (fuel, tax, servicing) and not too common on the road. I have a budget of €15k with no real preference on year but the younger the better! 

I've never driven a diesel before but with the way that diesel engines have improved I am not adverse to change. So I'm prepared to go for either. 

Brian Gallagher (Dublin)

May 2010 Filed under: choosing used car

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