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Which licence to drive a Citroen Ami?

Citroen Ami: what type of driver's licence is needed?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Ray O Brien (Galway ) - Sun, 21 Jun 2020 10:52

Is the new Ford Kuga Hybrid on sale here?

Can you buy a new Ford Kuga Hybrid in Ireland?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Martin Brady (Dublin) - Sun, 23 Feb 2020 15:18

Pricing of the new Peugeot e-2008?

What is the pricing of  the new Peugeot e-2008 electric car?

Filed under future cars - Asked by David Egan (Kildare) - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 11:50

When does the Peugeot e-2008 arrive?


Do you know when the Peugeot e-2008 is due to go on sale? Big fan of the website, keep up the good work!

Thanks, Andy

Filed under future cars - Asked by Andy O'Leary (Dublin) - Wed, 28 Aug 2019 20:49

When is the new Peugeot 2008 coming?

When will you be doing a review of the new 2020 Peugeot 2008?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Mick Daly (Cork) - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 14:18

What's standard on the new Kia xCeed?

What comes standard on the new Kia xCeed in Ireland?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Sean Mc Gaughey Mc Gaughey (Co Louth) - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 22:42

Any info on the next Toyota Corolla?

Any information about the next-generation Toyota Corolla?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Barbara Smyth (Co Wicklow) - Sat, 01 Jun 2013 19:03

When does a new Ford Mondeo arrive?

When is the all-new Ford Mondeo due in Ireland? In the meantime, what changes are Ford making to the current model?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Martin Barrett (Ballina) - Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:08

Is the Opel Ampera-e for Ireland?

When will the Opel Ampera-e go on sale in Ireland?

Filed under future cars - Asked by Seán Ó Dufaigh (Castlerea) - Mon, 06 Feb 2017 18:21

Tell me about the new Nissan X-Trail 2.0D...

Hi guys,

Regarding the Nissan X-Trail with new 2.0D engine now in the range, will we see this in the Irish fleet? When will the new 2017 X-Trail that is going to be supplied in US/Austrailia hit Irish shores and is the 2.0D reserved for that model?

Any info appreciated!

Thanks, Colin

Filed under future cars - Asked by Colin H (Kildare) - Fri, 09 Dec 2016 10:27

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