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I'm not happy with the car I have on PCP...

Hi guys,

I’m just into year two of my PCP; it’s the third three-year term I’ve had with the same dealer and same make and model car. They are great to deal with, great customer service etc.

But I’ve had issues with the car since I got it with the filter and have had it in the garage now three times in the past year for a re-gen: the light keeps coming on and going off but sometimes will stay on and those times has to be brought to the garage: it’s a mild-hybrid and I think there are issues with the 2023 model.

Is there any way I can swap cars in the middle of the contract give the issues I’m having? Not sure of my rights here.

Thanks a million

Dee Wall (Dublin)

Mar 2024 Filed under: finance

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Can I claim back VAT on a car lease?

As a sole trader can I claim back the VAT on a car lease?

Adrian Doyle (Wexford)

Jan 2023 Filed under: finance

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Best finance option for Toyota Hilux pickup?


I am planning on buying a Toyota Hilux, which I need for farming. It is €25,000. What is my best way to finance? I was thinking hire purchase.

Deirdre Shea (Killarney)

Jan 2021 Filed under: finance

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Would I qualify for PCP?

I am hoping to get car finance. I left a permanent primary teaching job of 18 years in Dublin and moved to the country. I am now on a fixed term contract but will have no problem securing another job next September. My job now requires me to drive to work so I need a reliable vehicle. I have an 03 Toyota that I would hope to trade in for scrappage. I don’t wish to use a guarantor to apply for a loan from credit union/banks. Would I qualify for PCP as I am debt-free and a homeowner since 2007? I could also provide a deposit of €2,000/3,000.


Ann Horan (Cork)

Oct 2020 Filed under: finance

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How do I get PCP car finance in Ireland?

How do I go about getting PCP in Ireland?


Patricia Nash (Cork)

Mar 2020 Filed under: finance

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Can I import a car that's on finance?

I was working in UK and took finance on a car, and now I have an opportunity to move back to Ireland. Can I VRT the car here and re-register to Irish plates? I intend to continue to pay all finance owing monthly as I am doing.

John Sheehan (Castlebar )

Oct 2019 Filed under: finance

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Can I keep PCP, but with a different car make?

Can you renew a PCP at the end of the term but transfer to another car brand? If so can you transfer the GFV as a deposit for the new car with the other manufacturer? And if this is possible how is the bubble payment settled with the original car company?

Many thanks.

David McLoughlin (Shankill)

Nov 2019 Filed under: finance

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How long to wait for car finance approval?


How long should loan approval take after  a car dealer submits your proposal form to their finance department? A car dealer submitted my finance application on Friday at 12:30 and I didn’t hear back yet for rest of Friday so will have to wait until Monday...

Hugh Ward (New Ross )

Sep 2019 Filed under: finance

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Can I get car finance without a job?

I am wondering if it's possible to get a car financed without having work sorted first. I am moving back to Ireland to the west and need a car to have a chance of getting work. I am wondering if finance is like a loan where you need a job first to get it or does it work differently than that?

Joe Grant (Mayo)

Sep 2019 Filed under: finance

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How to get car finance early in my job?


I am in employment for the last three months and I have finance approved, but my work company won't sign the paper saying I am not on probation. Just wondering what I should do.

Gary Cox (Birr)

Sep 2019 Filed under: finance

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