Irish Test Drives

Access our reviews of cars on Irish roads here, both from Irish media launches and week-long test drives. We include reference to rivals.

SEAT Ibiza ST review

Like small cars, but want a big boot? Check out the SEAT Ibiza ST for size then.

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Volkswagen Touareg review

Volkswagen's new Touareg is awesome, but it is going to be hard pushed to find a queue of buyers.

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Nissan Leaf review

Is the new Nissan Leaf a proper alternative to a regular car? Yes, we reckon it is!

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Mitsubishi Lancer review

Mitsubishi has its work cut out making an impact with this new Lancer diesel.

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Peugeot 508 review

Peugeot's 508 is now on Irish roads and asks to be taken seriously.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS review

The new CLS is much prettier than before and also more composed. Audi's A7 should be worried.

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