Irish Test Drives

Access our reviews of cars on Irish roads here, both from Irish media launches and week-long test drives. We include reference to rivals.

Skoda Superb Combi review

You pay only €1,000 extra for the estate version of the Skoda Superb: money well spent we say.

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Volkswagen Scirocco review

Volkswagen's Scirocco is more than just a Golf in drag - even this diesel version.

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Suzuki Swift review

Suzuki's Swift has been a firm favourite in Ireland; can the new version still win fans?

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

Alfa Romeo have had a torrid time but the arrival of the Giulietta does offer some encouragement.

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Nissan Juke review

Nissan wants to repeat the success of its Qashqai crossover in a smaller package, the funky new Juke.

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Jaguar XJ review

Jaguar is breaking the mould with its radical new XJ. Is it a true rival to the best from Germany?

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