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What's up with my Toyota Yaris?

My Toyota Yaris's power steering light comes on and car loses power. What's going on?

Lee Davis (London)

Apr 2020 Filed under: fault

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My new L200's stop-start is erratic...


I have a new Mitsubishi L200 series 6 Barbarian. Done less than 500 miles, mixed driving. The auto stop-start is totally unreliable. Green light comes on first start, goes out, may occasionally flash whilst driving. Over a 40-mile trip the stop-start functioned only once. Worked less than half a dozen times since purchase. Dealer says no fault or error codes.

Any ideas?

Dave Lewis (Portsmouth)

Jan 2020 Filed under: fault

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What's up with my Fabia's stop-start?

I bought a Skoda Fabia and the stop-start doesn't work, plus it says low volt battery. I've been back to the dealer and he hasn't got a clue.

Please help

Sue Williams (Craven Arms )

Jan 2020 Filed under: fault

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My F-150's auto stop isn't working...

I have a 2015 Ford F-150 and the auto stop just stopped working.

Andres Rios (Edinburg)

Feb 2020 Filed under: fault

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What's wrong with my Opel Zafira?

I have a 2010 1.7-litre diesel Opel Zafira and it's cutting power on acceleration and changing gears from second to third. What's wrong with it?

Winstyon Luza (Dublin)

Jan 2020 Filed under: fault

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Issue with my new Ford Focus...

Hi there.

I purchased a brand new Ford Focus last week and I have just noticed that the dashboard on the driver's side is not fitted correctly. There is a gap of about 10mm between the windscreen and the top of the dash on the driver's side and the bottom of the side panel of the windscreen is not flush with the dashboard. It appears the dash is not sitting on a mount that I can feel with my finger.

Question is, should I ask garage to refit the dashboard or will this result in other issues of damage and noises in the dash after a refit? So annoyed after spending so much on the car.

Please help

Mark Geoghegan (Mullingar)

Aug 2019 Filed under: fault

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What's wrong with my Focus?

My Ford Focus cuts out when driving and there's oil on top of the piston...

Lana Matthews (Folkestone)

Sep 2019 Filed under: fault

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Will my car stop if stop-start is broken?

Will my car stop if the auto stop-start feature stopped working?

Sherry Smith (Dunn)

Jan 2020 Filed under: fault

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Issue with my 2011 Audi A6 gearbox.

I have a 2011 model Audi A6 and thecar jumps when driving, says gearbox malfunction, but you can still drive. I flushed out oil and changed the gearbox filter and still the problem remains. But I noticed when the car has driven for a while it will stop and it drives smoothly.

Please help

Felix Ndukwe (Cape Town )

Sep 2019 Filed under: fault

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Do I have to fix the stop-start system?

Hi, my auto stop-start stopped working and a symbol keeps on flashing on the dashboard. Will it damage my car if I don’t get it fixed right away? I’ve a Nissan Note.

Sandra Clarkson (Dundee)

Dec 2019 Filed under: fault

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