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Range overview: diesel; manual or automatic; front- or all-wheel drive; crossover-SUV
Reliability: above average for class
Cost to repair: below average for class
Most common: Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi
Best for economy and long-distance driving: Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive
Best for urban driving: not recommended

The Hyundai Tucson, a mid-sized crossover-SUV, has been on sale for three generations since 2004, but here in Ireland the second-generation version went under the name ix35, rather than Tucson. It proved itself to be a reasonably attractive and highly dependable family machine during its six years of service.

While other markets had petrol models, here in Ireland the ix35 was only ever offered with an all-diesel-powered line-up. A choice of front- or four-wheel drive was dependent on which of the two engines you went for, as was the optional availability of an automatic gearbox.

On driving the ix35 for the first time, CompleteCar.ie said: “To take on the Nissan Qashqai at its own game was always going to be a tough call for the Hyundai ix35. In some areas it manages this, especially in terms of design and layout - and the performance of the diesel engine. Overall, though, the Nissan feels more polished and there’s now the small matter of the MINI Countryman to contend with too.”

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Last updated on October 2, 2020