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Volkswagen Golf R. Initial impressions.

by Paddy Comyn on 13 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | Volkswagen Golf R. Initial impressions.

Do you know what? I really didn't want to like the Golf R. Why would you want to spend €50,000 on a dicreet Golf that has 70 more horsepower than the €36,000 GTi?

Yes, this is an enormous amount of money to spend on a Volkswagen Golf, which most people will barely look twice at on the street. But the thing is, that this is perhaps the beauty of this car. It is wonderful because of its discretion. Around town the DSG transmission is a breeze and on the motorway, if you want to be frugal, you can. I…

News round-up - April 13, 2011

by Shane O' Donoghue on 13 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | News round-up - April 13, 2011

Today's news round-up is a little earlier as I've got to go do some parenting...

The run up to the Auto Shanghai and New York Auto Show feature heavily. Paddy was quick to the chase this morning with a piece on the new Audi Q3 crossover. Full details and a set of images have been released and we believe it'll start at €33,000 in Ireland. Click here for the full story.

The Q3 is unlikely to have much of an impact on 2011 car sales, but we're glad to report that SIMI has…

Sexy Lexus concept unveiled

by Shane O' Donoghue on 12 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | Sexy Lexus concept unveiled

We're kinda surprised Lexus has released a full set of images of its new LF-Gh concept car. On April 6 we received a couple of teaser shots (see that story here) with a statement that full details of the car would be released at the New York Auto Show on April 20. Whatever, here it is in all its moody glory. Has elements of the BMW Concept M5 about it, doesn't it?

Remember, this concept previews next year's Lexus GS. Simplify the…

Renault Laguna under test

by Shane O' Donoghue on 12 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | Renault Laguna under test

Picked up the latest Renault Laguna today for test. It received a minor update last year to keep it fresh. In the heady days of 2008 over 2,000 Lagunas were sold in Ireland, but that figure dropped to less than 250 in 2010. The facelift and Renault's offers may help with that.

Anyway, here's the car:

The changes keep it fresh inside and out. Our model is loaded with kit. It has 'Initiale' badges on it, though we believe it's marketed as the Irish Edition. I'll check that out. The leather-lined interior really lifts the car above the norm:

News round-up - April 12, 2011

by Shane O' Donoghue on 12 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | News round-up - April 12, 2011

It's been a bit of a busy day here at CompleteCar.ie. I headed into TV3's studio first thing for a brief chat on Ireland AM about new laws that will affect learner drivers in Ireland. If you missed it, you can see the slot here. More detail is given in our news story though: Six penalty points will put new drivers off the road.

Along the same theme, the RSA (and others) launched a new awareness campaign yesterday relating to driving…

Toyota Verso-S

by Paddy Comyn on 08 Apr 2011

Complete Car Features | Toyota Verso-S

Picked up the Toyota Verso-S today. Sometimes it is hard to get your head around these new B-MPV cars but to be honest, this one isn't bad. We drove the car already a little while ago at the European launch and while it probably isn't class leading, it certainly wins in terms of value.

Our European first drive. 

It really isn't a bad-looking thing, with quite an adventurous front end and thankfully this one has the manual gearbox, because I really hated the CVT version when I drove it previously. 

The boot space is…