Irish Test Drives

Access our reviews of cars on Irish roads here, both from Irish media launches and week-long test drives. We include reference to rivals.

Opel Astra five-door review

Opel's new Astra five-door arrives and brings sharper handling, a smooth ride and tidier looks. Can it challenge the Focus and Golf?

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Renault Megane review

Renault's Megane is extremely good value for money right now, and it comes in three distinct flavours.

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Volkswagen Polo review

Think of the VW Polo and Golf relationship a bit like those far away cows in Father Ted.

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Skoda Octavia review

Is the facelifted Skoda Octavia the most under-rated car on sale in Ireland?

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Volkswagen Golf review

VW's sixth-generation Golf brings fresh equipment, better quality and improved dynamics to the range, but looks little different.

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Ford Focus review

Ford demonstrates once again that family motoring and fun are not mutually exclusive.

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