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How much is my Volvo S40 worth?

I have a 2005 Volvo S40 2.0D S with 153,000 km on the clock. How much should I expect for a trade-in and private sale respectively?

Filed under used car values - Asked by Padraig McCarthy (Limerick) - Sun, 03 Apr 2011 17:32

How often should I service the Skoda Octavia?

How often should I service my Skoda Octavia 1.9 Diesel?

Filed under servicing - Asked by NIALL MC MAHON (DUNDALK) - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 16:28

Do dealers and the public pay different VRT?

Could you please tell me if there is a differance in the VRT rate on importing car from the UK to Ireland if you are a dealership owner or a private customer?

Filed under importing - Asked by David O'brien (Waterford) - Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:52

Safety of occupants in third row of seats


I am looking at buying a second hand seven seater. When I was checking the compatibility of my car seats with the seven seaters I had in mind (Ford S-Max, VW Touran and Citroen C4) the car seat manufacturer recommends not putting any car seats in the third row.

On further investigation it seems when the third row is in use the safety of people (i.e mostly kids as most adults would not sit in third row) is very poor. Can you shed any light? Besides going for the bigger seven seaters like the Ford Galaxy (which is out due to budget reasons) is there any seven seater safer in this regard? Am I overthinking this, is this the case with most five seater cars or is the boot space a big plus if a car is rear ended? 

Filed under safety - Asked by Linda Keane (Meath) - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 21:13

What will I buy with my lottery winnings?

Hi there, I'm in a dilemma. Ahead of winning the Lotto jackpot tonight I am at my wits end trying to figure out what car to buy. I believe the Ford S-Max is very highly regarded but it doesn't inspire me aesthetically. What can you suggest in its class with money being no object of course,

Clodagh Monks, Cork

Filed under lottery win - Asked by Clodagh Monks (Cork) - Wed, 23 Mar 2011 10:37

Newer VW Passat or older BMW 3 Series?

Hi Shane & Paddy,

I am looking at changing my car. I've a 2002 BMW 318Ci with 106,000 miles on the clock. It has Bluetooth, multi-function steering wheel, alloys, cruise control etc. Due to on-street parking it has some damage to the rear driver's side panel and the alloys need to be dipped to look their best. We have a baby on the way so need something with back doors.

I have looked at a 2007 2.0-litre Passat saloon: 90,000km, leather interior, heated seats, cruise control and Bluetooth and the garage is asking €11,950. I also saw a 2005 BMW 320i SE saloon with leather seats, cruise control etc. and they are asking €11,950 too. I was also thinking of looking at Audi A4s but haven't yet.

Assuming I can get approx €5,000 for my current car then €11-12,000 is the total budget. Should I do the repair work on the damage and alloys now to improve value? Can you recommend someone?

What can I expect to get for private sale and trade-in? What would you recommend as replacement? We do mostly city driving with a country trip once a month or so. Petrol or diesel? Head says newer Passat but I like driving the BMW and think the Passat / A4 might be less enjoyable to drive.

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks. Enda

Filed under choosing used car - Asked by Enda Lowry (Dublin) - Sun, 20 Mar 2011 14:21

How reliable is the latest Renault Laguna?

How reliable is the latest Renault Laguna?

Filed under reliability - Asked by Brian McGill (Waterford) - Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:25

Can I put kerosene in my diesel tank?

Can a diesel car run well on kerosene?

Filed under diesel - Asked by Richard Nolan (Carlow) - Tue, 22 Mar 2011 10:30

Toyota Avensis Estate or Renault Grand Mégane?

I'm trying to decide to buy either a Toyota Avensis Estate or a Renault Grand Mégane. How would you compare the two cars?

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Irene Murphy (Galway) - Sat, 19 Mar 2011 20:24

How best to swap my VW Golf GTI for a Touareg?

I've a 2002 five-door VW Golf GTI with cream leather interior, sunroof and alloys. I'd like to trade it in for a VW Touareg from around 2005/2006. What's the best way to do this?

Filed under choosing used car - Asked by Emma Hannon (Dublin) - Wed, 16 Mar 2011 11:21