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Can I alter my Renault Clio's headlights?

I have recently purchased the 2013 4th generation Renault Clio. I bought this car in the UK, but am due to have an extended stay in Germany with the army shortly. I will be there approximately six months. I know when travelling abroad for long periods it is advisable to alter headlights. Could you advise if the 2013 Clio dCi Dynamique S Medianav has the ability to 'flat beam' headlights as I have been informed that this will be acceptable during my time there?



Katie Howard (Portsmouth)

Jan 2014 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Should I stretch my car's legs regularly?

Thanks very much for your reply on fuel additives for a Skoda. In the normal event, it is probably the case that an engine doesn't get raced very often, and probably runs at fairly low revs most, if not all, of the time. Is there a benefit in running an engine, either petrol or diesel, from time to time at high revs and, if so, how often and for how long?

Your review of the Jaguar F-Type 2.0-litre was very interesting. I have one comment about the engine noise. There are times driving on a back road when it is a pleasure to hear an engine crackle and roar, but perhaps not always. I was driving along a long Spanish sea side resort behind an F-Type, where there were ramps and pedestrian crossings every couple of hundred yards. My thoughts were that one could quickly get tired of that roar every time the car started off again.

Perhaps, that's just me getting old and grumpy!

Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Aug 2017 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Why are cars not properly changed to RHD?

Hi! Hope you're well and hope you don't mind having a read of my rant to see what you think.

I'm wondering lately what is it with car manufacturers, in particular European ones, who in recent years have decided to skimp on doing full right-hand-drive conversions on their cars. For example, in the current Skoda Octavia, the bonnet release is on the left, as it was designed to be. The access buttons for the stereo are also to the left for easy access by the driver. If you take a look at the right-hand-drive model though you see the handbrake, bonnet release and stereo controls still placed for the left-hand-drive market. Same applies to the latest Golf; Volkswagen has been doing that with the Golf since the MK3 model.

And marques outside of VAG are also guilty - in particular Renault and Peugeot stand out as prime offenders for this - so much so as not bothering to convert the wipers to the right side.  It looks so lazy - and I presume it's saving a meager sum on each car sold. You'd know this is the case as the premium brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes still go to the trouble of doing the conversions properly - but what's frustrating is that Skoda was doing proper conversions until recently. Their MK2 Octavia, sold until 2013, had it done properly. So it's a shame to see it going in the wrong direction.

Is there any way you could run this by your people in the motoring industry? I love new cars, but I'm sure most people would be willing to pay the extra €100 per car or whatever it is to have it as intended for the market. I'm sure some acknowledgement of it might make them reconsider. The poor attempts at the minute look very, very shoddy and I wish they'd give us the same attention as they do the left-hand-drive world.

Thank you for reading. I know - first world problems right?

Colin Moynihan (Waterford)

Aug 2017 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Which performance driving course to do?

Looking to do a driving experience of high powered cars, BMW M, Audi RS or Mercedes-AMG. I have done the Mercedes-AMG experience in Surrey already, but was wondering your thoughts on either the BMW one in Mondello or the Audi one in the UK? Would travel to Europe if there was an additional one you could recommend.

Simon MacMahon (Navan)

Jun 2017 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Could flood water affect a Hyundai Santa Fe?

Can flood water affect the fly wheel on a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi?

Seamus Mcintyre

Nov 2014 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Why no AMG badge on Merc SLC 43's engine?

Why does the new Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 not have the AMG badge on the engine?

Alex Hunking (Woking)

Apr 2016 Filed under: miscellaneous

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I am looking for info on this Passat please.

I am looking for information on this reg: 04 D *****

Siobhan Ennis (Dublin 12)

Aug 2016 Filed under: miscellaneous

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I'm looking for information on this reg...

Looking for info on 10 D *****

Barry O'Donoghue (Naas)

Jul 2016 Filed under: miscellaneous

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Do dealers deliver cars usually?

I want to buy a car from a dealer in Dublin and I live in County Laois. Is it the responsibility of the car dealer to bring the car to my house or how does it work? My issue is that I can't drive on motorway from Dublin to County Laois.

Olly Sisi (County Laois)

Jul 2016 Filed under: miscellaneous

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What's the most efficient way to use a/c?

I had always assumed that it was bad to keep air conditioning on recirculation - gives rise to stale air and car misting up - but I read recently a suggestion that it should be kept on continuously as this was more efficient.

What do you think?



Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Jul 2016 Filed under: miscellaneous

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