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Can I alter my Renault Clio's headlights?

I have recently purchased the 2013 4th generation Renault Clio. I bought this car in the UK, but am due to have an extended stay in Germany with the army shortly. I will be there approximately six months. I know when travelling abroad for long periods it is advisable to alter headlights. Could you advise if the 2013 Clio dCi Dynamique S Medianav has the ability to 'flat beam' headlights as I have been informed that this will be acceptable during my time there?



Katie Howard (Portsmouth)

Jan 2014 Filed under: miscellaneous

Expert answer

Hi Katie,

We've been on to Renault about this, and its response was that no current Renault models come with flat-beam headlights, and that your best bet is to use stick-on beam deflectors that can be bought from any good motor factors. 

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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