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Any ideas what's wrong with my Passat?


I have a Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI petrol. The engine light keeps coming on and there is a rattling in the engine, but four out of five mechanics tell me it's not the timing chain. However, not one knows were the noise is coming from. Faults that keep showing up are camshaft sensor, coils misfiring and fuel sensor. It's keeps losing power.

Any ideas?

Debra Maher (Drogheda)

Dec 2016 Filed under: fault

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Should we repair our Suzuki Ignis?


Our reliable 2005 Suzuki Ignis stopped today after five years, on my birthday, happy birthday to me :)

Drove to the shops, came out and there was a tick tick tick whenever the ignition key was turned, then some smoke coming from the dash area and a smell of burning. We had planned to use as a scrappage trade in for the new year but not just yet!

My questions are, does it sound like a starter motor issue? If yes, should we have it repaired - will the car need to be driveable to the new car garage to avail of the scrappage offer? It flew through the NCT earlier this year.

Thanks in advance.


Dec 2016 Filed under: fault

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What's the noise in my Nissan Primera?

What's the whirring noise in my Nissan Primera 1.8 (2002)? It starts when the car is in motion not when stationary.

Leo Dunster (Oswestry)

Feb 2014 Filed under: fault

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Is there something up with the Opel Insignia?

Why is the engine in the Opel Insignia giving so much trouble? And reviews don't seem too good on them.

Bridie Dollard (Portlaois)

Oct 2016 Filed under: fault

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How to improve my Toyota Corolla's radio?


I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla and of late the reception on the radio is very intermittent. I was going to buy a new aerial but I am wondering what would you suggest to improve this?



Eamonn McDermott (Limerick)

Feb 2014 Filed under: fault

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How much to change a Mondeo's injector?

How much to change a fuel injector on a Ford Mondeo mk 4 1.8 TDCi?

Bernard Boylan

Sep 2014 Filed under: fault

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What's wrong with my Volvo's engine?

Last year my engine blew in my 2002 Volvo S40. I had the engine replaced but since then the car will not start without giving it some throttle, it cuts out at junctions etc. and is not idling correctly. I have twice replaced the camshaft sensor, but again the camshaft fault will appear after another number of weeks. Having the faults removed will ensure smooth running for a number of weeks before reverting to the same issues. What do you think the issue could be?

Derry Mc Carthy (Killarney)

Nov 2014 Filed under: fault

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Why are my Toyota's carpets wet after rain?

I have a 1996 Toyota Carina 1.6 and the floors are all wet after rain. What is the problem?


Gemma Quinn

Nov 2014 Filed under: fault

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Why did my Toyota Corolla break down?


My Toyota Corolla broke down on the M8 while driving to Dublin. Had the car for seven years no problem. It gave a clicking sound a few times and then suddenly started slowing down. I stopped by the hard shoulder and opened the bonnet to see smoke coming out of the engine. I got the oil indicator and thought it needs oil. I topped it up, but now the car won't start. I called breakdown assist who took me to the nearest garage. It just doesn't start now. What is wrong with my car?

Dwtdil D (Cork)

Nov 2014 Filed under: fault

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I can't open my Opel Insignia's boot...

Battery went dead on my Open Insignia and I cannot open the boot manually. Is there a setting or fuse that might be the problem? The key fob only does the central locking...

Paul Obrien (Kilkenny)

Jun 2015 Filed under: fault

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