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What's wrong with my Volvo's engine?

Last year my engine blew in my 2002 Volvo S40. I had the engine replaced but since then the car will not start without giving it some throttle, it cuts out at junctions etc. and is not idling correctly. I have twice replaced the camshaft sensor, but again the camshaft fault will appear after another number of weeks. Having the faults removed will ensure smooth running for a number of weeks before reverting to the same issues. What do you think the issue could be?

Derry Mc Carthy (Killarney)

Nov 2014 Filed under: fault

Expert answer

Hi Derry,

We’ve been on to Volvo to ask for expert help, but they sadly can’t diagnose a problem in a car they’ve never set eyes on. Best advice is get it to your nearest Volvo dealer for an inspection, but it sounds as if the engine replacement hasn’t been carried out correctly if it’s running that badly.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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