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Why didn't you mention depreciation in the petrol-diesel research?

Just wondering if the petrol versus diesel debate should have taken into account the depreciation of the cars in addition to the other costs shown. I would imagine that certain cars would definately sell better if they were diesel (Most Audis and Volkswagens) than if they were petrol. What do you think?

Brendan Sweeney (Buncrana)

Jun 2013 Filed under: diesel

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How can a 1.6-litre diesel engine manage a car like the Mondeo?

I wish to get the 1.6-litre diesel engine explained to me. The Ford Focus has a 1.6d and now the Mondeo has a 1.6d engine. Can both do a good job? One is small car, one is large and heavy. Is 1.6d a good engine generally?

Fergal Reidy (Celbridge)

Feb 2013 Filed under: diesel

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Does the mk1 Ford Focus have glow plugs?

Does a 2002 Ford Focus have glow plugs?

Kevin Marshall (Sheffield)

Oct 2012 Filed under: diesel

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Petrol or diesel on a Toyota Avensis?

Petrol or diesel? I want to trade in my 1998 Toyota Avensis (automatic, 100,000km) for a newer model Avensis. I have €4,000 to spend and I drive approx 11,000 miles per year. My question is two-fold: what trade-in value should I expect for my car and should I go petrol or diesel?

Antoinette OSullivan (Carbury)

Nov 2011 Filed under: diesel

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Can I put kerosene in my diesel tank?

Can a diesel car run well on kerosene?

Richard Nolan (Carlow)

Mar 2011 Filed under: diesel

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I need a diesel car to replace my Opel Astra

I currently drive a 2008 Opel Astra SXI with 44,000km on the clock. I commute in to Blackrock everyday from Maynooth and with the recent increase in petrol prices I just wonder if is worth my while, as it's costing me €80 a week in petrol, plus tax, insurance etc. I'm thinking of changing cars, to a diesel model. How much do you think I would get for a private sale or trade-in on the Astra?

Any suggestions on what to get instead? I really love the Astra, so ideally something similar in drive and style. Would it be worthwhile looking at the diesel Astra?

Chloe Walsh (Maynootth)

Mar 2011 Filed under: diesel

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Is a diesel car suited to low annual mileages?

Looking at buying a Ford Galaxy and wondering if it's inappropriate to get a diesel engine, as we only generally drive short distances in the city and annual mileage would only be about 3,000 miles. Would only using the car for short journeys damage the engine and potentially cause it to breakdown more often?


Patricia McGuire (Dublin)

Aug 2010 Filed under: diesel

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