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Who makes the Chevrolet Cruze engine?

The diesel engine in the Chevrolet Cruze 1.7: is it built by VM Motori or Isuzu? It is 1,686cc.

John Delaney (Mountmellick)

Jun 2013 Filed under: diesel

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Latest exhaust tech in Skoda's 1.6 TDI?


Does the relatively new 1.6 110hp diesel engine in the Skoda Octavia have the new manifold in head technology that's meant to make real world emissions lower and make the EGR valve more durable or do you have to have the 1.6 diesel 120hp engine up, say in the Volkswagen Passat, to have this more modern technology?

I'm not really interested in the 2.0-litre diesels as I'm still a relatively young male driver and I believe you pay too much of an insurance penalty for this engine size.


Kieran, Thomastown.

Kieran Hallligan (Thomastown)

Aug 2017 Filed under: diesel

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Volkswagen Golf, 1.6 or 2.0 TDI diesels?

Can you compare the Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI with the 2.0 TDI for me? Any reason for choosing one over the other?

Declan Fennessy (Waterford)

Aug 2013 Filed under: diesel

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Any oil problems with Mazda's diesels?

I was wondering if there is an issue with Mazda's new SkyActiv diesel engines? I have heard there may be an issue with the oil levels.


Eamonn McDermott (Limerick)

Sep 2013 Filed under: diesel

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Which engine for my Jaguar XF?

Which engine should I go for in a Jaguar XF? The 2.2 or 3.0-litre V6 diesel?

Bill Conway (Longford)

Apr 2017 Filed under: diesel

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Should I worry about 2008 BMW diesels?

Is the engine issue with BMW diesel cars from 2008 a real concern?

Paul Dolan (Dublin)

Mar 2017 Filed under: diesel

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A few questions about turbocharging...

Hi, I have a few related questions please about turbo petrol cars. I'm thinking of changing my car soon and might actually go for petrol over diesel this time, mainly due to cheaper purchase price and reliability concerns about diesel cars when warranty runs out.

Do modern turbo petrol cars typically have EGR valves and Dual Mass Flywheels, two parts that often cause problems in diesel cars? Also most turbo petrols of today don't have particle filters, do they?

Final question please: why, if petrol is meant to have more potent power than diesel in many ways and I know petrols can generally manage higher revs and top speeds than diesels, do turbo petrol cars usually have much less torque/pulling power figures than equivalent sized turbo diesel engines? I've found diesels to have much more pulling power and responsiveness at speeds that are actually legal and under the limit, than petrols, in cars I've driven. Why is this when both types have turbos?

K Holden, Waterford.

Kieran Holden (Waterford)

Jan 2017 Filed under: diesel

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Why an eight-valve diesel engine from Dacia?

Why does the Dacia diesel engine have eight valves when 16 is the norm nowdays?

Martin Killeen (Ennis)

Jan 2014 Filed under: diesel

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How often should I clear out my car's DPF?

How often do you have to drive hard to burn soot off the DPF?

John Beatty (Dungarvan)

Oct 2014 Filed under: diesel

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Compare BMW and Mercedes diesel engines.

What is the power output of the BMW X3 1,997cc engine? How do you think it compares with the Mercedes-Benz 2,054cc unit?

Denis O Riordan (Dub)

Jul 2016 Filed under: diesel

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