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Can I fit child seats and a buggy in the Audi A6 Mk4?

This is a capacious and grand car, which - although primarily designed for 'executive' use - was also cleverly thought-out to cater for families. Even the A6 saloon has a 530-litre boot with 60:40 split-folding rear seats as standard on all models, allowing its carrying capacity to rise to 995 litres with the back seats stowed away. The Avant/allroad duo were even better, holding 565 litres with all seats in play and 1,680 litres with the back row folded down. Therefore, any A6 should have no problem taking a baby buggy or collapsed pushchair in its boot.

Like most cars, the A6 has two ISOFIX child-seat mounting points in the back of the vehicle, so three ISOFIX units side-by-side isn't possible. However, as a physically big car, it has a better chance than most of getting three child seats in the second row, thanks to the three-point seatbelts in all positions. Bear in mind the quattro capabilities of the A6 family means there is a pronounced transmission tunnel where the centre-rear passenger would otherwise put their feet.

How safe is the Audi A6 Mk4?

Despite scoring a remarkably low 41 per cent for pedestrian safety during its 2011 EuroNCAP crash-testing, the Audi A6 Mk4 still picked up the full five-star overall rating thanks to its other category performances of 91 per cent for adult occupant safety, 83 per cent for child occupant safety and, tellingly, an impressive 86 per cent for safety assist systems. All A6s feature six airbags (with side-rear airbags an optional extra) and electronic stability control as standard, while its technologically advanced status (for its age) means active safety features like lane-departure warning and blind-spot monitoring were on the options list from a very early stage.

Click here for the full EuroNCAP report on the Audi A6 Mk4

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Last updated on August 17, 2020