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Mazda Ireland offers array of 181 deals

Mazda Ireland offers array of 181 deals

Mazda's 181 deals include free servicing, 0% APR, spec upgrades, trade-in bonuses and free road tax.

What's the news?

Fancy landing yourself in a brand-new Mazda? Then head down to your local showroom now and avail of some of Mazda Ireland's superb 181 offers. Such as 0 per cent APR, up to €2,000-worth of free upgrades to the car, or even three years' free servicing, all offered on any 181-plate Mazda ordered before the end of January 2018.

In a year when the all-new CX-5 crossover and the MX-5 RF were launched, there's also an added incentive to get in quick, as Mazda's Drive Together event will also offer one year's free road tax to anyone who orders a Mazda between now and the 12th.

Some of the offers available through Mazda Ireland are: 0 per cent APR on Mazda2 (SE and Executive) and CX-3 petrol models, with the option of spec upgrades worth up to €750 on all trims; up to €2,000 of spec upgrades on the Mazda3 and Mazda6 models, or alternatively 3.9 per cent APR; and 5.9 per cent APR on the MX-5, or an upgrade option worth €750. All of these deals come with the option of three years' free servicing.

Furthermore, if you currently own a car that emits more than 130g/km of CO2, Mazda Ireland will contribute up to €3,500 towards the price of one of its new SkyActiv vehicles that emits less than 130g/km CO2, as part of the Mazda Eco-Upgrade offer. This is only available on Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda6 models.

Anything else?

Mazda Ireland's MD, John Perry, said: "Our 181 offers are tailored with the customer in mind, offering our strongest campaign to date. Just as there is a Mazda model to suit everyone, there is now an offer to suit everyone depending on what is important to them. With many offers available to new car buyers this time of year, we are glad to be able to offer such a variety. Low finance rates, upgrades, servicing and eco-upgrades will be offered until the end of January but we will also cover road tax for anyone who orders during the Drive Together event."

Published on November 2, 2017
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