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My Fiesta's stop-start won't work...


I own a Mark 7 Fiesta that comes with the stop-start button. As I was driving, the light came up saying that the stop-start has been turned off, and I am unable to put it back on again. The light is on and will not turn off. I have read up on possible fixes and attempted most but nothing has helped. I did not have heating or AC running, or lights on. Neither was I doing anything out of the normal. Do you know anything else that may cause this?

Ricky-Lee Morgan (Gloucestershire )

Oct 2020 Filed under: fault

Expert answer

Hi Ricky-Lee Morgan,

In the vast majority of cases this is down to either a battery that is not in perfect health or a dodgy sensor. See our feature Why won't my car's stop-start system work? and if that doesn't help then you will need to get the car plugged into a diagnostic computer by a mechanic.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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