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Which used crossover to go for?


Out of Hyundai ix35, Tucson, Kia Sportage or Qashqai, all 2015, which to go for? Drove ix35 today with impressive kit, heated seats, windscreen, dual-zone climate etc. Will be going to UK to buy as will save at least €2,000. Which would you choose considering two small kids and about 20,000km per year?

Gerry Coen (Galway)

Feb 2019 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi Gerry,

At 20,000km a year, you’re just on the cusp of choosing between diesel and petrol, so I’d tread carefully, and make sure you do your sums before you decide. Of the four cars you’ve mentioned, the ix35 is the oldest in tech terms and, although it’s a decent car, it’s feeling pretty out of date by now. The Qashqai is the nicest to drive, but both the Tucson and the Sportage are more roomy, so with kids to cart around, I’d go for one of those. It sort of doesn’t matter which — mechanically, they’re identical, so it comes down to which one you prefer on a personal level, and which one you can get the better deal on. Also, do consider a SEAT Ateca. They start from 2016, and the 1.4-litre turbo petrol is a terrific combo of performance and economy. Here are links to the relevant reviews to help you decide further:

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Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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