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I have injector problems with my Skoda Octavia.


My 2007 Skoda Octavia (a 1.4-litre with 90,000km on the clock) was misfiring badly for a good while before the engine warning light came on. The 'bank 1' oxygen sensor went so we replaced the sensor and the warning light went off. No faults were showing on the diagnostic tool (electrics diagnostics only), but the engine was still misfiring. Unburned fuel was found in cylinder 3, which we eventually got cleaned out.

The coil and spark plugs were testing and found to be firing so it looks like the fuel injector for this cylinder is the problem. I'm going to bring it to a main dealer to try resolve as I think best case is to re-program the injector or worst case, replace it. My question is, how much should this cost to do in best and worst case scenario?

Thanks! Linda

Linda Meehan (Laois)

May 2011 Filed under: fault

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How much should changing the crank sensor cost?

I arrived at your site when I was looking for information on crankshaft sensors. I have to have the crankshaft sensor replaced on my SEAT Leon TDI FR. The dealer said the gearbox will have to be removed and that the cost will be around £300. Is this correct and a reasonable cost?

CH Belfast

Colin Harvey (Belfast)

Feb 2011 Filed under: fault

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Why is my Skoda Octavia losing power?

Hi, my '05 Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI is giving trouble lately. It loses power and even cuts out, but starts up again. I heard they have a wiring loom problem. Could this be the problem?

Danny Duggan (Cork)

Feb 2011 Filed under: fault

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How can I fix my rear demister?

I have a 2001 Skoda Octavia. The rear dimister does not clear all of the rear windscreen. Can you offer any advice?

Brian May

Feb 2011 Filed under: fault

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Can I bypass my interior heater?

Thanks for the last answer.

Could I take the heating pipes going through the bulkhead off and join them back to back with a bit of copper pipe? Wouldn't this bypass the radiator in the car and to hell with the heater as I think the dashboard has to come out to fit a new heater radiator. Or am I only looking for trouble?

Thanks again

Ruairi Mc Carthy (Mullagh Co Cavan)

Jan 2011 Filed under: fault

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Does steam coming out the air vents indicate a problem?

Hello, I started my '99 Citroen Berlingo 1.9 diesel this morning for the first time in a year. It was topped up with fresh diesel, water and checked oil and all ok, but when I turned on the heater steam started coming out of the air vents. Am I in trouble?

Thank you

Ruairi Mc Carthy (Mullagh Co Cavan)

Jan 2011 Filed under: fault

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Should I worry about the coolant warning light in a Passat?

Hi, I'm currently looking to move to a diesel as my new job has me doing a far longer commute. I've spotted a second hand '03 VW Passat 1.9 TDI that I like the look of. I did a full history check on the vehicle and it seems genuine. Only issue is that the coolant warning light is flashing when the coolant level is fine. A friend suggested it could be the sensor needs to be replaced, but I don't want to buy if it's something more serious. Is this a common problem with VWs?

Thanks. Sean.

Sean McDermott (Cork)

Nov 2010 Filed under: fault

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Does the Skoda Octavia have a problem with its fuel injectors?

My 2007 Skoda Octavia 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine seized because one of the fuel injectors broke and allowed diesel to be injected constantly rather than intermittently. Is this a common problem with this car?

Gerard Flaherty (Dublin)

Oct 2010 Filed under: fault

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Lower rev limit on diesel Focus?

I recently purchased a 2006 diesel Ford Focus and have noticed on a couple of occasions that the engine cuts out when I exceed a certain engine speed. This happened to me this morning as I was overtaking. As you can imagine, it was quite an unnerving experience. I understand that changing gear a bit earlier avoids the problem but I was wondering if this was normal behaviour or what might be causing it. It's happened three times and each time I'd estimate about 3,000rpm in second gear. On each occasion the engine cut out. Most recently was yesterday morning pulling out of the Maxwell Motors slip road in Blackrock heading south. I let the car glide to a halt and I restarted the engine.

Paul Reilly (Blackrock, Cork)

May 2010 Filed under: fault

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