What's it oil about?

by Melanie May on 22 Oct 2015

My NCT is due this month. My car has never failed an NCT, but with news that two insurance companies will no longer cover cars over 14 years old, I began to think that maybe the NCT might get more stringent for older cars. My car is 19 years old.

So, off I went and read the most popular blog on CompleteCar.ie, Eight top tips on how to prepare your car for its NCT. I then did the following:

Cleaned car Removed cute blanket and pillow from back seat (it's for the dog, honestly) Checked seatbelts…

Give an engineer a hug

by Dave Humphreys on 21 Oct 2015

Engineers are a pretty clever bunch really. They do a lot too. If you think about it, you'll find it pretty much impossible to get through your day without coming into contact with something that an engineer has made happen.

In the world of cars engineers have really upped their collective game over the last couple of decades. From safety to dynamics engineers have been doing some really smart things.

There are cars that can barrel around race tracks by themselves, there are cars capable of frankly incredible mileage…

Under pressure

by Melanie May on 17 Oct 2015

And I'm not just talking about writing this article. You see, I couldn't decide what to write about this month, as I had so much from which to choose.

I also wanted to avoid anything too complicated like last month's column on car body styles, which was a huge topic to try to tackle in one go, so this month I decided to be more specific.

Whilst reading Road Test Editor, Dave Humphreys', review of the new Audi Q7 I read something that I had…

Paul Newman - the winningest actor ever

by Neil Briscoe on 16 Oct 2015

He's already immortal. He's those piercing, blue eyes that stare out from a thousand movie posters and a million frames of 35mm Kodachrome.

He's the man who convinced the Sundance Kid to jump, who taught Tom Cruise how to play pool and who knew it would be Tom Hanks, waiting in the rain and shadows, Tommy Gun at the ready. He's the late, great Paul Newman and he doesn't need the introduction I've just given him. All he needs is for you to have a flick though iTunes or Netflix and you'll see the greatness of the man -…

Buying a banger!

by Paul Healy on 11 Oct 2015

According to the latest AA Cost of Motoring report it costs €12,000 a year to keep the average family car on the road in 2015. That figure is not for a Ferrari or high-end Mercedes-Benz, but for your common-or-garden variety Nissan Qashqai or Skoda Octavia.

Worse still, the 12k figure does not include the initial purchase price of the car, merely the running costs such as fuel and servicing and standing charges like tax, insurance and depreciation. I…

Why not speeding is so difficult

by Dave Humphreys on 05 Oct 2015

On almost any road in Ireland, on any given day, people speed. In many cases the posted speed limit appears to be seen more as a recommended average speed rather than the legally imposed maximum permitted.

The old saying, "it's a limit, not a target" seems to be falling on deaf ears. There is of course the counter argument that many of the posted speed limits are not suitable for the road in question. Nevertheless, they are there for now and must be adhered to.

This isn't always as easily done as you might think. A prime example…