Irish Test Drives

Access our reviews of cars on Irish roads here, both from Irish media launches and week-long test drives. We include reference to rivals.

Volkswagen Cross Polo review

An angry mint or a more unique Polo? We drive the new Volkswagen Cross Polo.

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Mazda CX-5 review

The Mazda CX-5 is a bit late to the crossover party. Can its host of clever technologies help it gate-crash?

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Opel Astra GTC Turbo review

Opel's new three-door Astra looks great and drives well, though perhaps best in diesel format.

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Citroen DS5 review

The new DS5 is the closest thing yet to the original Citroen DS, but is it a luxury car?

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Volkswagen up! review

Can Volkswagen's new baby live up to the considerable hype surrounding it? We drive the three-door model.

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Fiat Panda review

The Fiat Panda was always a charismatic car; now it's also a very good one.

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