Irish Test Drives

Access our reviews of cars on Irish roads here, both from Irish media launches and week-long test drives. We include reference to rivals.

MG 3 Hybrid+ (2024) review

The MG3 widens the Chinese company’s range in Ireland to take on mainstream hybrid superminis.

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Fiat 600 1.2 Hybrid (2024) review

The new sharply-priced Fiat 600 is targeted with reestablishing the Italian brand in Ireland.

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Honda e:NY1 (2024) review

Honda launches into the big-selling electric SUV segment with the oddly-named eNy:1.

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BMW 520i M Sport Pro (2024) review

Now that the 520d is no more in Ireland, should buyers consider the petrol-fuelled BMW 520i instead?

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Smart 1 Premium (2024) review

The all-electric Smart brand has arrived in Ireland. What’s the aptly-named #1 crossover like?

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Peugeot 508 1.5 BlueHDi (2024) review

Does the - still gorgeous - updated Peugeot 508 make any sense in 2024 with a diesel engine under its bonnet?

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