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Which 2006-2008 hatch is most economical?

Im confused as to what's the best economical hatchback car. I want to buy a used car between the years 2006 and 2008. I'm currently spending €110 a week on petrol in a 1.4-litre For Focus.

Any advice?

Anon Anon

Sep 2012 Filed under: fuel economy and emissions

Expert answer

Hi there,

It depends on your driving style, and on where you do most of your driving. If you’re in town all the time, and stuck in stop-start traffic, then it could be worth tracking down a Toyota Prius or a Honda Insight hybrid, bot of which should sip fuel in such circumstances. If you’re up on main roads and motorways all day long, then diesel is still a good idea. A VW Golf 1.6 TDI BlueMotion would be a solid bet for maximum economy then, although if you fancy something a little more stylish, a MINI Cooper D (with the 1.6 diesel engine) will crack 60mpg on a long run.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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