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Buying a Lexus from a non-Lexus dealer

I have ordered a Lexus executive IS 220d for my wife from a Toyota dealer due to them having the best price in the area.

Is this a good car in the class and price bracket of €36,800? Are there any pitfalls to ordering from a non-Lexus dealer in terms of extra free kit or back up before I hand over the cheque? Delivery is in late June. No deposit has been paid yet. A factory sunroof is being fitted for an extra €1,150.

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Pat Cashman (Cork) - Sun, 09 May 2010 14:32


Hi Pat, 

We contacted Lexus on your behalf. They told us that they now have a policy of "not commenting to media on individual customer / prospect related queries" but they did tell us that but they did tell us that "any prospective customer should note that cars sourced abroad, ie not through the Lexus Ireland channel, do not come with roadside assistance for Ireland whereas cars sourced through our channel come with "Lexus Euro Assistance 24", our 3 year Pan-European roadside assistance programme."

I realise that this doesn't really answer your question, but since you are buying from a Toyota dealer and they would be getting the car through Lexus Ireland I imagine that you would get the standard cover.

You may want to contact Lexus Ireland and seek clarification on this. They can be reached on (01) 4567905. 

As for the car itself, the offer on this model is very good and this is a fine car. I would recommend it. 

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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