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How do I turn off stop-start on my new Volkswagen Golf?

Is it possible to disconnect the stop-start function on my 2012 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion? I keep forgetting to switch it off until it cuts out the first time I stop. Surely it must eventually wear out the starter? It drives me crazy - makes me look like I'm letting the car cut out all the time. If all vehicles had it the streets would be polluted with the noise of dozens of car engines stopping and starting. I'm not convinced that this particular innovation will be popular. What do you think?

Teresa O'Donnell (Ennis)

Apr 2012 Filed under: fuel economy and emissions

Expert answer

Hi Teresa,

We spoke to Volkswagen and I'm afraid there's no permanent way to switch this off that it recommends. You'll just have to do it manually each time you start up if it bothers you.

From our perspective, this feature is becoming more and more common and we think it's a great idea. If all cars on the road used it think how much fuel could be saved in town. Likewise - and in contrast to what you've said - noise pollution would be reduced overall thanks to the lack of engine idling noise at traffic lights.

Don't worry about the starting motor wearing out either, as most cars with stop-start have heavier duty starters, along with systems to monitor their condition and prevent it being over used.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Adviser

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