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Where should I get my BMW serviced and fixed?

I have a 2002 BMW 3 Series worth about €4,500. I bought it a few months ago but things are already starting to go wrong with it. Should I take it to a BMW dealership for service and repair, which could cost a fortune or should I go to the cheapest mechanic I can find to get it looked at? I don't want the work costing more than the car is worth but at the same time I'd like to have a good service history for the car and repairs well done rather than a sticking plaster effort. What would you advise?

Brian O'Sullivan (Mayo)

May 2010 Filed under: servicing

Expert answer

Having been the owner of a few old BMWs in my time I feel your pain. I know that going to a main dealer can give the best work without a doubt but it can also be horrifically expensive too. If you have paid a few grand for your car, you probably don't want to be faced will bills of €1000+ from a main dealer, which can happen if there is a major repair. What we would say that if its a service then there are some very good offers from main dealers at the moment on this and it might be worth checking with them first. 

However if you want to try independent, we contacted the guys over at and they told us of their list of favoured independents and they are as follows:

Chelmsford Motors Ranelagh Dublin 2

Courtney BMW North Circular Road Dublin 3

Bavarian Autotech Abbeyfeal Limerick


We have also heard very good things about AC Car Sales on South Circular Road in Dublin


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