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What car to replace my 5 Series?

Hi guys. Might be a tricky one as its really a matter of opinion but i'm trying to replace a money pit '01 BMW 5 Series with something a little cheaper to run.

I've about 8 to 9k to spend on something in the Mondeo/407/Passat region. Has to be Diesel. I'm not too pushed about mileage as age is more of a concern reliability wise. Obviously very little compares to my current motor for comfort and build quiality but any major flaws you know of with cars that class would make the decision a bit easier.

For instance i've heard the Passat has major issues with it's electronic handbrake, A/C, and electrics and the Rover 75 may be tricky for parts. Obviously any recomendations would be personal taste but i'm stumped so any help would be much appreciated. My only absolute no is the Vecta. Been there. No interest in going back. All suggestions greatly appreciated.

Gar O'Neill

Filed under choosing used car - Asked by Gareth O'Neill (Drogheda) - Mon, 08 Aug 2011 01:51


Hi Gar,

We are never short on opinion here at CompleteCar.ie Gar, so you have come to the right place. Coming out of your 5 Series you are going to have to buy something that is vaguely interesting or you are going to really hate whatever you buy. Given that you are concerned about reliability you are right to express some concerns about the Passat. Unfortunately there have been quite a few issues with the last model Passat and it would probably stop me buying one second hand, even though it is usually the default choice. I'm not sure why you mentioned the Rover 75, but lets pretend that you didn't.

If I was buying something with €8,000 - €9,000 I think it would probably be a Mazda6 Diesel. I really like them and they age really nicely. 

Here is a decent example: 

You would have to check the DPF is ok, but otherwise they are a cracking good car. 

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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