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How do I remove bird poo marks?

Hi guys. Any cheap fixes for my Renault M├ęgane? Bird poo has burnt the paint away in spots.

Maura Smith (Limerick)

Apr 2010 Filed under: cleaning

Expert answer

For this we spoke to Gerry Devine in Team PR Reilly: "There are three things that need to be done to fix this problem. Step 1, remove the bird poo from the car with Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover. Spray some Bug and Tar Remover onto the affected area and leave for approximately 45 seconds to let it work. Wipe off all bird poo and residue. Step 2 is to rectify the burnt spots on the car. We suggest you use a cutting compound to try and get rid of the mark left behind (we recommend Turtle Wax Safe Cut liquid). Step 3 is to polish the car using a polish with a slight cut in it (we recommend Turtle Wax Original). Make sure the car is clean and dirt free before polishing. This should do the trick. If the bird poo has been embedded on the car for some time, the burnt spot may be too bad to remove yourself and you may need to get the job done professionally."

Hope that helps Maura.

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