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Safety of occupants in third row of seats


I am looking at buying a second hand seven seater. When I was checking the compatibility of my car seats with the seven seaters I had in mind (Ford S-Max, VW Touran and Citroen C4) the car seat manufacturer recommends not putting any car seats in the third row.

On further investigation it seems when the third row is in use the safety of people (i.e mostly kids as most adults would not sit in third row) is very poor. Can you shed any light? Besides going for the bigger seven seaters like the Ford Galaxy (which is out due to budget reasons) is there any seven seater safer in this regard? Am I overthinking this, is this the case with most five seater cars or is the boot space a big plus if a car is rear ended? 

Filed under safety - Asked by Linda Keane (Meath) - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 21:13


Hi Linda,

I can totally understand your concerns. Anyway, to start, here are all the EuroNCAP reports on the cars you were looking at so you can have a good look at them.

Ford S Max / VW Touran / Citroen C4 Picasso 

The placement of ISOFIX seats often dictates where child seats should go and in a lot of MPVs there is still only two and these are usually in the outer two seats of the second row. We answered a question on this recently. 

This article by JD Power and Associates is good. As regards the rear row, the information is a little unclear on whether there is a greater danger to be in the rear seats in a rear impact, but it is something that we will investigate further. The strength of the modern MPV at the rear is pretty impressive though and as long as the child is front facing they are well protected. 

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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