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Will I buy a new Corolla under scrappage or a used one?


I am reviewing replacing my 1998 Toyota Avensis with a diesel/low tax model as I have a daily commute of 60 miles. Option A is to go for a Corolla diesel under the scrappage scheme or buy second-hand from around 2007/08. Is the scrappage real value and what is the best scrappage deal avaialble?  Or is a second hand model a better option if I can trade in my avensis? 

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Pat Cuddy (Ennis) - Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:47


Hi Pat,

For a start, looking at the prices of 1998 Avensis models, you would most likely be better off going with the scrappage scheme. You can get €3,360 off the price of a new Corolla, which is much more than you could hope to get for either selling your 1998 Avensis privately or trading it in against an older second-hand model. The cheapest new Corolla you can get is from €17,775 with scrappage.

If you decided on a 2007 or 2008 model then you might get €2,000 for your 1998 Avensis. The 2008 Corolla diesel would cost you €14,750 and a 2007 model would cost you €11,995 or perhaps €9,995 with your Avensis. Obviously these are our estimates on values. 

The choice depends on your budget, but if you want to keep your overall costs down then I think the 2008 model would probably be your best bet because you would avail of the new tax system and you could perhaps sell a 2008 model on again easier. If you have access to the money though, you might just want a brand new car! 

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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