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Help me choose a commercial vehicle with extra seats.


Can you help me choose a van with a second row of seating (for a child seat mainly) and a seperate payload area? I need a diesel vehicle that I can tax as a commerical and something that is not too ugly or uncomfortable. Budget is approximately €5-10,000.

Gerard Allister (Dublin 20)

Feb 2011 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi Gerard,

That is a bit of a hard one. To be honest I would probably be looking in the direction of a pick-up truck and a Mitsubishi L200 would be the one I would go for with your budget. You would have to add a cover or find one with one, but something like this could really work.

Or if you needed a van, then this Renault Master could be ideal. It is within your budget and has lots of seats!

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